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Team Building

Every company strives to have the most efficient staff as it increases the effectiveness of the business processes. Teamwork is the key to business success as it stimulates the responsibility, creativity and productivity of employees.
Sailing is one of the best ways to develop teamwork skills that are necessary in the everyday business environment. The main goal of the sailing teambuilding program is not to learn how to sail, but to strengthen and build a successful team, as well as to improve and affirm personal boundaries and skills. The limited space available on board, sharing of responsibilities and continuous need for collaboration will improve socializing and communication between co-workers, help them gain trust and determine mutual goals. Better role coordination and conflict management, motivating working environment and stress decrease are also the positive effects of this kind of program that are most welcome in a group of people spending their time together in a new environment.
The sailing teambuilding program will be an unforgettable experience for your employees that will find themselves in specific working and living conditions. After returning to the working environment, it will become evident that the spirit and the working atmosphere from the teambuilding are transferred to the workplace and that this benefits your company.
We offer weekend and week-long sailing team building programs. Tailor-made programs are at your disposal as well. Teambuilding programs are organised with skippers that have a lot of sailing and instructing experience and therefore no sailing experience is required for the participants. The participants will get to know the sailing basics flavoured with visits to coastal towns, hidden bays and magnificent restaurants.
A team building program includes a short presentation of the boat, learning sailing techniques and skills with a special emphasis on teamwork and the application of knowledge acquired. This is enriched with unforgettable company, seafood specialities and high-quality wine from the restaurants in the heavenly coves of the Adriatic coast.


Can you think of a better way to challenge yourself, your friends, your colleagues and the wind than in a sailing regatta? We can organize all types of sailing events, team building and regattas from our base in Kaštela and take care of every aspect of the event. We offer full technical and planning support, so the only thing you need to concentrate on is sailing and having fun. Our extensive range of one design Hanse 415 and Hanse 455 yachts will set your competitive spirit free and allow the best crew to win the regatta.
Hanse yachts are designed by judel/vrolijk & co, one of the finest yacht designers in the world. They draw their experience from the America’s Cup and they have adapted that experience to the serial production of yachts. We are sure that you will enjoy sailing the fast cruising Hanse yachts while exploring the exciting archipelago of Central Dalmatia.