Boat versus Hotel Accommodation

Boat versus Hotel Accommodation Blog

At first glance, booking a hotel might seem like the perfect holiday – comfortable rooms, great amenities, service, location, views… However, when you break it down, we are sure you’ll see that chartering a yacht offers so much more and is exactly the holiday you need.

Let’s Talk Views and Location

Cruise past gorgeous coastlne

While you can book a room with a view, how about changing views and visiting a new destination every day? Picture sailing across the Adriatic’s glistening waters, through shifting hues greens and blues. Sail past gorgeous coastlines, through Nature & National parks and anchor in secluded bays with crystal-clear water. Visit a new destination every day, from quaint villages to Medieval fortressed towns or explore untouched nature. A sailing holiday offers you the freedom to go where wind or whimsy blow WITHOUT needing to pack your things or deal with timetables and transport.


A Yacht is a Home at Sea

A hotel room may be larger and more comfortable but after a few days aboard, you will realise less is more. You will be too busy lying in the sun, swimming, exploring, enjoying alfresco dining and watching the sunset to even think about the size of your cabin. A boat quickly becomes a home at sea. If you are after even more space or comfort, then chartering a catamaran might be for you. A catamaran is like a mini apartment at sea; spacious, comfortable and with some of the best views in the world.


Effortless Entertainment

Boat becomes home at sea

So, the hotel has a pool – what’s that compared to the entire Adriatic to swim in! Entertainment? If you add water toys to your sailing holiday – like SUP boards, kayak, snorkelling or fishing equipment, then a boat has all the entertainment you could need. We haven’t even mentioned the joy of sailing yet, which is entertainment in itself. Picture white sails pitched against a brilliant blue sky, with nothing but the sound of wind and water; the peace of this memory will stay long after the tan has faded.

In a hotel you need to pay for extra activities, go on excursions (using transport and dealing with crowds) or come up with different ways to entertain; on a boat, it’s all there for you. Of course, you can still do tourist activities but if you want a peaceful and secluded holiday with quality family time, a boat gives you just this.



There is a misconception that a sailing holiday is expensive and only for the wealthy but when you break down the costs, it is more affordable than you imagine. Think about it, a boat includes your transport, accommodation and entertainment for the week. There are also ways you can reduce costs, i.e. sailing with another family or friends, cooking meals aboard, booking early (for early bird discounts) and booking your sailing holiday out of peak-season (which can save anywhere between 30 – 50%). Take a look at our blog “Budgeting for Your Sailing Holiday” to understand expected costs and keep an eye out for our upcoming blog “Sailing on a Budget” for further tips.


Service that Goes Above and Beyond

If you want added luxury and service, charter a yacht with crew; with a skipper to take care of navigation and a hostess to cook, clean and serve, you will feel like royalty. Sure, you can order room service in a hotel or enjoy service at the hotel’s restaurant but this is nothing compared to the service you will experience from your dedicated crew. Your crew are there for your every need – from sailing and service to recommendations. A great crew goes above and beyond to make sure your sailing holiday is firmly etched into your memory as one of your best holidays – time again, our clients share these exact sentiments with us. Let us help you find the perfect crew for your sailing holiday.


Hotel versus Sailing, There is No Comparison.

Honestly, we may be biased but we truly believe a sailing holiday is the best holiday. An all-inclusive hotel package can never come close to the joys, freedom and experience of a sailing holiday.  Follow our blog for more inspiration or contact us to learn more.

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