Hiring a Hostess for your Yacht Charter, How Does it Work?

Hiring a Hostess for your Yacht Charter, How Does it Work? Blog

How does it work if you want to hire a hostess for your yacht charter? Hiring a hostess for your yacht is the right choice if you want a truly relaxing holiday. A hostess takes care of general cleaning, light cooking, can provide local tips, and even help take care of your children. So, let us answer some of the FAQs around hiring a hostess for your yacht charter in Croatia.

 FAQ: Chartering a Hostess

What meals does the hostess cook/serve?

The hostess will serve two simple meals a day

The hostess serves two light meals daily – breakfast and lunch or dinner.  You can expect simple food, done well – like pasta and salads but don’t be surprised if the hostess decides to serve a 2-course lunch and dessert! The hostess also handles the provisioning throughout the trip; with her local knowledge and experience, she knows where to find the best produce, and even seafood if you wish! Extra meals are also a possibility; however, this is discretionary and comes with an additional fee.

What are the hostess’s responsibilities in regards to cleaning?

The hostess will keep all areas clean and tidy – the cockpit, saloon, galley, and all cabins.

Can the hostess babysit?

Babysitting/taking care of children is not required of a hostess, it is an extra responsibility and discretionary on behalf of the hostess. If the hostess agrees to babysit, a fee is usually agreed upon for this service.

Does the hostess speak English or any other languages?

All hostesses who work with Croatia Yachting speak Croatian and are fluent in English. If you or your party are not comfortable with English, we also have a crew fluent in other languages. Tip: multilingual crew get booked first, so you should book ASAP.

Can we make specific requests regarding the hostess?

Absolutely and we will do everything we can to accommodate. If you have special requests like – good with kids, non-smoker, local (who can make recommendations) … Whatever it may be, just let us know. The more information we have, the better we can match the perfect hostess for you.

Multilingual crew get booked first, so you should book ASAP!

Do you assign a hostess or do we get to choose?

Our standard procedure is that we gather as much information about you and your party as possible (i.e. preferences, yacht, itinerary), then we send you 2 – 3 CVs, and you choose your hostess.

How much does it cost to hire a hostess?

With a hostess on board, you can relax & enjoy!

Typically, crew fees depend on the level of their experience and the size of the yacht. However, to help you budget, the cost of a hostess is usually between 130 – 180 EUR per day. This fee does not include meals for the crew; your crew can either join you for meals or allow 30 EUR per crew member, per day. Also, note that this fee does not include gratuity.

Where does the hostess sleep?

If you plan to charter a yacht with a hostess (and skipper), it is best to charter a yacht that already has separate crew cabins. If crew accommodation is not planned in the layout, then it is custom to leave one cabin for the hostess. Sometimes crew sleep in the saloon but this is not something we advise; the crew need time to rest so they can give you their best.

How involved is the hostess, what if we want our privacy?

A hostess will provide you a level of privacy you want!

We are often asked this question (in many ways) – “what if we don’t want the hostess to always be with us” or “we value our privacy”. Alternatively, we also hear – “we would like the hostess to be actively involved in our holiday”. The easy answer is – both are possible. Every group is different, and our hostesses adjust accordingly. If you want more privacy, the hostess will respect your wishes and stay out of your way as much as possible. However, if you want interaction and conversation, the hostess will also be happy to oblige. Communicate openly with your hostess throughout the week, and we trust you will find a perfect rhythm together.


Do we need to tip?

Tipping is discretionary, not compulsory; HOWEVER, it is recommended. A good crew goes above and beyond to make sure it is your best holiday ever, so a tip is a gesture of appreciation for their hard work. The recommended tip and industry standard is 10 – 20% of the charter price.

Let’s Create Your Perfect Holiday

We hope we’ve answered some of your questions around chartering a yacht with a hostess. Now all that’s left to do is to choose your yacht, book, choose your crew (read about chartering with a skipper here), and let us help create the perfect holiday for you. Contact our dedicated team to learn more.

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