How to pack for a sailing vacation

How to pack for a sailing vacation Blog

We all know that one person that brings her entire closet for a weeklong vacation. When it comes to the sailing trip that just won’t cut it.

Mind the luggage!

The first thing to bear in mind is the space. Even the largest, most comfortable sailing boats, such as 50ft+ sailing yachts, have limited space, and it is necessary to utilize every square inch of it. Having said that, first space saver is your choice of luggage. Replace your hard material suitcase for a soft duffel bag, which can adjust its shape and fit into small places

Careful with the sun!

Bring the right sunblock!

Next, you need to think about everything you need to take care of while on vacation! How about your skin? Sunny days, sunbathing, swimming, all of them are by the book summer activities and just to make sure you don’t regret your choices, for example, sunburns, make sure you pack the right sunblock.  Oil-based sun protection is a yachting no-no, since it leaves greasy stains, almost impossible to clean. So, a proper lotion with an appropriate sun protection factor – right in the bag. Also, bring some light cover-up clothes, like sarongs and tunics, a big straw hat and sunglasses!


Also, the salt...

Remember to take care of your hair & skin

Your skin isn’t the only thing you should protect while sailing. Sure, sailing along the Kornati islands or around Split archipelago is amazing, but what about your hair? All that wind and saltwater will leave some consequences on your hair as well (especially with curly-haired people). So, don’t forget on a biodegradable, eco-friendly shampoo and regenerator! Your hair will thank you!


Summer nights are one of the most romantic and amazing things in the world. Light night breeze may bring that lovely sea scent and refresh you, however, pack a light windbreaker and carelessly enjoy your night! If you’re a light sleeper you must pack earplugs and an eye mask in case the motor starts up early or the sun shines through the porthole.

And entertainment?


Bring an extra battery or a portable charger for your phone. Electrical outlets on a boat may be limited. Make sure you bring extra batteries for your camera, as well as a waterproof case and plenty of memory for all the great shots you will take. Some books or an e-reader will come in handy for down hours. A deck of cards will similarly be helpful—plus, if you are sailing with people you don’t know, cards are a great way to make new friends. Pack a few Ziploc bags to keep your cash, documents, and electronics dry while in your bag.


Just follow these basics and we’re sure you will be ready for your sailing vacation in no time!

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