Top 10 exciting sailboats for your next sailing holiday

Top 10 exciting sailboats for your next sailing holiday Blog

Each year you go on a sailing vacation and are keen to try out new boat models? Or maybe it was the turbulent 2020 showed you why sailing is a top choice vacation when crowds are undesirable and you wish to give it a try, but prefer new boats?

Well, this is a place for you! In this article, we will briefly go through top sailing yachts for season 2021, all of which you can charter for your holidays in Croatia.

Hanse Yachts

Sailing with Hanse yachts is always exciting!

One of the world’s most successful and innovative yacht builders – Hanse group, presented several new models. When chartering a Hanse sailing boat, you will get excellent price/performance ratio while still being comfortable at sea.

Sailing Hanse yachts is incredibly easy thanks to the self-tacking jib and the fact that all the halyards, extensors and sheets are led to the helmsman position. Hanse models can be sailed easily with a small crew or even singlehandedly. Of course, sailing with a small crew can be an advantage in these COVID-times, right?

This boatyard covers a wide range of models among which, for season 2021, we suggest you try one of these:

  • Hanse 388 – first thing you will notice when entering this 3-cabin sailing yacht is a huge amount of daylight in the saloon. A lot of portholes in the hull and on deck lets in more sunlight below deck than any other yacht in its class. Judel/Vrolijk designers really did a great job to embrace natural light and create an elegant sailboat. You can choose between 2 toilets and 1 toilet version, depending on your preferences and needs.
  • Hanse 458 – one of the most successful and exciting models presented recently was this 45 ft sailing yacht. To enjoy Croatian sea, you can charter this elegant, eye-catching yacht with 4 cabin layout or 3 cabin layout for special luxury in the master cabin!  The interior, without freestanding mast support, offers loft-like experience and deeply comfortable space. But, no worries, the high-speed performance and safety while sailing are not compromised.
  • Hanse 508 – sailing experts will appreciate the second forestay for Genoa, while bigger cockpit will be attractive to everybody. These are the main features of this new 50ft Hanse yacht model, designed for long-distance a well as for short distance island hooping. In the interior, the esthetic eye will appreciate longitudinal galley which looks great but also offers more manoeuvre space while preparing meals. Get pricing & availability >>>
  • Hanse 548 – the new Hanse 548 yacht is like a luxury loft but still with excellent sailing performance. Elegant lines are what make the design of Hanse sailboat so unique. This model carries on the tradition perfectly. The interior is light and airy, usually with 5 cabin layout and skipper’s cabin in the front. Perfect for stylish exploring of the Adriatic sea with your friends and family.

All of these excellent and beautiful models are available in Croatia – it’s up to you to pick a size and starting base! Get all Hanse yachts pricing & availability >>>


Beneteau is the name everybody knows – with a long tradition in naval construction and recreational craft construction it is one of the world’s leaders in this field.

The most exciting models of Beneteau sailing yachts for season 2020/2021 are First 53, Oceanis 46.1 and Oceanis 40.1, all of which you can charter for your sailing vacation in Croatia.

Let's check the main features or each:

  • First 53 – the latest member of a new generation of this iconic sailing yacht, perfect for regattas and adventure raids. It will bring a smile on every expert sailor’s face! But no worries if you are a sailing beginner – this wonderful yacht can be chartered in Split region in luxury, skippered edition.
  • Oceanis 46.1 - this proud member of Oceanis cruising yachts with a huge amount of space in the cockpit will suit most of the sea lovers. The furling mast, self-tacking jib and all the halyards and sheets brought back to a single winch at each of the helm stations make manoeuvring simple when short-handed sailing. Large portholes bring quite an amount of light in the interior so you will enjoy time inside also. You can choose among different Oceanis 46.1 yachts in different regions of Croatia: Split region, Šibenik region, Zadar region or Istria
  • Oceanis 40.1 - this 40-foot cruiser, with a new hull design by Marc Lombard, offers great deck volume and interior space. The spacious interior will give you the feeling you are sailing on a 45-foot yacht. The philosophy behind creating this model was to make sailing and mooring most pleasurable possible. If you want to give it a try there are several of them available for yacht charter in Croatia – to book one check the offer from several regions of Croatia! 


Jeanneau Sun Odysseay 410

This brand presented the newest member of its family,:

  • Sun Odyssey 410 - with a lower boom it is easier to access the sail but also the sail area is increased. The model is particularly safe, with side decks without obstacles so you can comfortably move around. The interior is at once surprising and consistent with the Sun Odyssey line, where innovation serves to heighten the aesthetic and the level of comfort. Designed by Jean-Marc Piaton and his crew, the interior design reveals stunning potential for a sailboat of this size. This yacht usually comes in  3 cabin layout.

Dufour Yachts 

Dufour 470

Another French builder presented its new model for next season.

  • The Dufour 470 is a modern and spacious sailing yacht which is beautifully designed but still keeps high-performance features. Large cockpit area will allow you to really enjoy outside time, the weather while sailing or dining. That being said, we must mention that the interior, light and modern, does not lag behind. If this is the boat you prefer to try in season 2021, make sure to check out the offer from base Kaštela.

Bavaria Yachts

Bavaria C45

Another very well-known shipyard introduced a new model of the sailing boat:

  • Bavaria C45 – a 45-foot yacht that feels much larger and offers the comfort of a big yacht. With bright saloon and quite a big cockpit, you will be able to enjoy island hooping through Croatia. The C45 is the first boat of its class to incorporate an advanced Vessel Management System that controls all electrified functions on the boat from a touch screen, with the ability to control the status of all systems with a smartphone or tablet. The interior features something exciting – nearly 360 degrees of windows! If you can imagine yourself having good times on this boat, check out our offer.

After all of this, we don’t have much to say except we look forward to your booking! With our service, you’ll be safe and sound, your desired yacht will be in a perfect sailing condition, we can also help you with your sailing itinerary if necessary, just give us a call on 00385(0) 21 332 332 or send an e-mail on and we’ll make sure you have the best possible sailing vacation!

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