Croatia Yachting General Conditions – Annex 2 (Cancellation policy)

Početna stranica Croatia Yachting General Conditions – Annex 2 (Cancellation policy)

How does the FREE CANCELLATION policy work:

The free cancellation policy allows you to secure your 2024 season booking with minimum downpayment and maximum flexibility. Booking can be confirmed with downpayment of only 10% of the contracted charter price which is fully refundable in case of cancellation within 30 days from booking confirmation. Free cancellation policy is valid for all bookings for season 2024 confirmed within period 1.2. – 29.2.2024. (including dates listed).

EXEMPTION: For bookings with an embarkation date within 30 days from booking confirmation, the Free Cancellation policy does not apply.

What is the payment plan scheduled for the FREE CANCELLATION policy?

For bookings with an embarkation date starting from 11.5.2024.

• 10% of the charter fee - upon booking confirmation
• 30% of the charter fee - 31 days after booking confirmation
• 60% of the charter fee - the latest 30 days before the embarkation

For bookings with embarkation date within 15.3.-10.5.2024.

What are special cancellation conditions for the clients who book with a FREE CANCELLATION policy?

Up to 30 days from the booking confirmation, the Charterer can for no special reason cancel their contract, a cancellation fee will not be applied. In this particular case, the Charterer is also entitled to full downpayment reimbursement.

For cancellations done 31 day after booking confirmation the following fees apply

All other stipulations of the standard Croatia Yachting General Conditions of the Charter contract remain unchanged.

*FREE CANCELLATION Policy - valid from 1.2.2024.