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Power Catamarans

Power Catamarans Boat types

Explore new possibilities with a power catamaran. They offer the space, comfort and fuel efficiency that the monohulled motor yachts just cannot match.

They offer a much smother ride as they use two narrow hulls instead of one wide hull which reduces wave impacts. The two hulls also offer a much greater stability as the hulls are wide apart and counterbalance each other.

An advantage that is obvious at a first glance is the abundance of deck space that the catamarans offer as they are wider to start with and they are not much narrower when you approach the bow. You will find plenty of space on deck to sunbathe, relax or socialize with your friends. The large space continues on the inside. The large communal areas with panoramic views are a joy to spend time in while the cabins are below in the hulls and offer plenty of privacy when you feel like resting.

All of the above makes a perfect yacht for a relaxed and safe family vacation or a fun trip with your friends.

If you are a fan of motor yachts, you should try a powered catamaran. You might never look back.

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