Discover the pristine anchorages of Croatia

Each offers a unique blend of natural beauty, history, and modern amenities. Whether you're seeking a secluded bay or a bustling harbor town, our guide provides insights into the best spots to drop anchor.

Our comprehensive guide to anchorages in Croatia is curated by seasoned sailors and maritime experts. We provide:

Tips for Anchoring in Croatia

  1. Check the Weather: Always monitor the weather forecast before anchoring, especially during the shoulder seasons.
  2. Use Reliable Equipment: Ensure your anchor and chain are in good condition.
  3. Respect Local Regulations: Some areas may have restrictions or designated anchoring zones.

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Zadar region

Telašćica bay

On the south-east side of the island Dugi Otok you can find the Telaščica nature park with very large inlet. This inlet contains numerous well protected bays and one of them is called the Tripuljak bay.

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Split region

Lučice bay

Lučice bay is located on the southern shore of the island Brač, only a few miles from Splitska vrata (the passage between the islands of Brač and Šolta). This is a large anchorage with three separate arms while the most western arm is best protected from winds and is also equipped with mooring buoys.

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Rogačić bay

Rogačić is located within a walking distance to the town of Vis, just north-west of the entrance to its bay. The best choice is to anchor in the west arm of the bay, with depths of 5 m and good anchor holding.

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Šešula bay

Šešula bay, well protected from the wind and very well positioned, is one of the most visited bays of the western part of the island of Šolta. It is situated in the south of Maslinica, between the port of Maslinica and Marinca bay, only 15 nm from marina Kaštela.

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Stiniva bay

The southern side of the island Vis hides this gem of natural beauty. In the most northern part of the bay, a natural “amphitheatre” has formed when the roof of a cave collapsed into the sea, leaving just the cliffs surrounding the bay.

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Stončica bay

The island of Vis is one of the must see islands of the Middle Dalmatia with many attractive bays for anchoring. One of them is Stomčica, near the town of Vis. The 38m lighthouse on the Cape Stončica dominates the bay.

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Taršće bay

Taršće bay is a less known, but excellent mooring location in Pakleni islands. The bay is uninhabited, quiet and peaceful, so it is a great choice if you want to avoid the crowds in the summer.

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Vinogradišće bay

This might just be the most popular bay in the Paklinski otoci archipelago near the town of Hvar. Vinogradišće is located on the southern shore of the island Sv. Klement, just across the ACI marina Palmižana that is located on the north shore.

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Vrboska bay

The town of Vrboska is located on the northern shore of Hvar. Its long and narrow bay with an east to west orientation provides excellent shelter for all winds except the ones from the east. There is an ACI marina in the town of Vrboska and the bay in the town itself is actually too narrow for anchoring.

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Dubrovnik region

Polače bay

Located in the National Park of Mljet, on the north shore of the western end of the island Mljet, you will find a large bay named Polače. This is a very popular stop for yachts that are visiting the National Park. 

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Skrivena luka

Skrivena luka – Hidden port is definitely one of the most famous moorings of South Dalmatia. If it weren't for the lighthouse of Struga on one side and the light on the cape Strazica, the bay would be difficult to find.

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Zaklopatica bay

If you would like to visit the town of Lastovo, this bay might be ideal for you. It is located on the northern side of the island Lastovo and it is just 2 km away from the mentioned picturesque town.

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