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Why is Skippered Yacht Charter Service best for you?

Cruising the Adriatic is a dream vacation, cutting the waves on your way from one amazing destination to another, one day you're enjoying the privacy of a secluded bay, then on the next day, you're strolling down the promenade of a busy coastal town. Truly a dream. There is just one problem – you don't know how to sail a yacht. The solution is hiring a skipper for your sailing holiday! Skippered charter is a version of the bareboat charter with a professional skipper.

Skippered yacht charter is the best choice not only for sailing beginners but just want to spend their sailing holiday relaxing and spending time with their families. Another case in which experienced sailors might want to hire a skipper is if they don't have the necessary qualifications. For example, in Croatia, it is required to have a valid sailing license (click HERE  to find the list of valid sailing licences in Croatia). Also, hiring a professional skipper is great for those with sailing experience, but don't know the sailing areas in Croatia they want to explore.

Who is a professional skipper?

In the most simple terms, a professional skipper is a person who has the skill and experience as well as all the necessary official qualifications to sail a yacht in Croatia. He takes care of the boat and the technical details that are important for safe and smooth sailing, while you enjoy your vacation. Skipper is also the person responsible for the boat and safety of the passengers and secures that the yacht is returned to the base undamaged.

In most cases, skippers are people whose love for the sea stretches back to their childhood and first steps in the world of sailing started in local sailing clubs or with their families. A professional skipper will make sure that your sailing holiday goes safely, should any emergency happen he knows how to react and take all the precautionary steps.

Skippered Yacht Charter Croatia Yachting

Sailing the Adriatic for years, your skipper has the first-hand experience and knowledge of all the factors that have an impact on sailing, such as the currents, tide motions and winds. Thanks to that, if any of the conditions begin to seem unfavourable, he will be able to make adjustments to your sailing route and advise where to go. By doing so, skipper takes care not only about your safety but also your holiday as he'll make sure that your sailing experience is exactly what you want and need, even if the plan needs to be changed.

This can be a great opportunity to pick up some skills from your skipper. He will be more than happy to share his knowledge with another sailing enthusiast. Just ask him, aspiring sailors are always welcome. And this is the best school you'll ever be able to attend, first-hand experience and tips and tricks that come with years of sailing, all while you're exploring the mesmerizing Adriatic. You'll get hooked on sailing in no time!

As we said before, skippers have sailed the Adriatic for years and they have the local knowledge of best places to visit. Your skipper will advise on best destinations to visit regarding your preferences. Whether you want to enjoy in the privacy of secluded bays, visit the best places for snorkelling and diving, go to best restaurants on the island, if busy nightlife is your thing or maybe you want something different every day, the skipper will know where to go! The skipper also knows all the best mooring places and anchorages and of course, it goes without saying – he is very familiar with the process. All you have to do is kick back and have the time of your life.

What is good to know if you choose a skippered yacht charter?

If you're opted for hiring a skipper for your sailing vacation on the Adriatic, your skipper will join you on embarkation. He'll be by your side for your entire charter and in that time he'll take care of the yacht and your safety. As we said before, the skipper will advise you on the best destinations to visit, handle the mooring and anchoring of the boat, and even help you learn about sailing.

If you're worried about your privacy while having a skipper on board, it's important to know that the skipper will adjust according to your preferences. If you want to spend your time in the company of your friends and family, the skipper will respect your wishes and stay out of your way. However, if you want more interaction and conversation, he'll be up for it. Another important thing to know is that the skipper will have his own cabin, usually sailing yachts have a designated skipper's cabin in the bow. Large sailing and motorboats usually can be chartered only with a skipper or crew. In such cases, the layout of the boat is usually adjusted to that, meaning that the boat has a separate crew cabin. If there is no separate crew cabin and you are having a professional skipper on board, make sure that you leave a berth available for him. Besides a place to sleep, your obligation is also to provide food for the skipper – please remember that when buying groceries or visiting restaurants. Some guests like to invite their skippers to join for lunches and dinners and restaurants on shore, but that is not mandatory and you shouldn't feel obliged to do so.

We recommend you keep tipping in mind while you're planning your holiday budget. Although tipping is not mandatory in Croatia, a tip of 10%-20% of the charter price is customary, especially if you're satisfied with the skipper's service.

If you're interested in hiring a skipper for your next holiday, do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or advice you may need. At Croatia Yachting, we have a long list of experienced, validated, friendly and skilful skippers that will certainly make your sailing experience the best possible. Our skippers have proven themselves year after year and have amazing feedback from our guests. Just send us an e-mail at booking@croatia-yachting.hr or give us a call on +385 21 332 332!