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In Croatia, yacht charter prices typically range from 1,000€ for a small sailboat to over 15,000€ weekly for a luxurious motor yacht. Costs vary significantly with the yacht's size, season, included amenities, and charter extras.

If you are a first-time charter, the charter pricing might be a bit confusing, since it depends on many factors. Read this guide to make your budget planning a lot easier.

When planning a budget for your charter holiday there are a few things to bear in mind. First and foremost, the prices listed in the price list and/or the website usually cover the costs of a vessel rental, all navigation and safety equipment, dinghy and bed linens.

Yacht Charter Costs in Croatia: what, when, how, where

What, when, how and where you choose to charter can make a difference to the overall charter cost. There are several factors which affect your charter costs:

  • what type of yacht do you charter
  • which period you charter
  • when you book your charter (look out for early-bird and last minute discounts)
  • which region did you book to charter and in which marina
  • whether you are a bareboat or charter with a crew.

For example, an older model sailing yacht is cheaper than newer models and catamarans, and motorboats are the most expensive. 

What factors affect charter prices in Croatia?

Yacht model, size & age

In most cases, motor yachts are the most expensive, followed by catamarans and sailboats.
It is important to consider the age of the yacht. Younger boats cost more to charter, so the difference in price between a brand-new boat and a 3 years older one can be quite significant. It is important to mention though, that the older boat if properly maintained can provide you with almost the same quality of accommodation and navigation performance.  
It should also go without saying that in this instance, size 
does matter.

Yacht Charter Period and Seasonality

WHEN you book and charter a yacht influences the price Very often the price is listed without discounts, so you might want to pay attention to Early booking and Last minute offers. Your sailing holiday will be cheaper if you book your yacht during off-peak periods.

Your sailing holiday will be cheaper if you book your yacht during off-peak periods

Early booking offers usually last until the end of January and can go up to 20%, and Last minute offers start around three weeks before the charter period and can go up to 35%! It’s worth noting that even though the Last minute can save you more money, the choice of yachts is very limited, so you might not spend your holiday on a preferred yacht.

Also, prices are subject to seasonality, with the high season periods in July and August having the highest prices, and lowest in the early pre-season and late post-season. So, the idea of booking outside the peak season might be a great choice. Not only it's cheaper, but also provides a better choice of yachts!

Charter Region and Marina

Prices of a week of the charter may differ with the choice of charter region, so don’t let it surprise you. If you’re not set on a certain sailing area, this might be an idea for saving. You can sail wherever you want anyway. The same applies to the choice of charter marina.

Charter Type - Bareboat, Skippered or Crewed Yacht Charter


There are many perks of having a skipper onboard!!

If you have all the required licenses and wish to bareboat, this saves money. If you wish to hire a skipper, hostess or chef, this is an extra cost on top of the charter price.

  • Skipper, approximately 1,000 – 1,400  per week (plus food)
  • Hostess, approximately 1,000 € per week (plus food)
  • Chef, approximately 1,400 € per week (plus food)

Note: these costs do not include gratuity for the crew. Yachting Association standards suggest 5 – 15 % of the charter price for gratuity.

Other costs not included in charter fees

Mooring, Anchorage Fees and National Parks

Mooring costs also vary depending on the marina and harbour. Some of them are more popular and get far more visits than others, so reasonably they charge more. The size and type (catamarans are usually more expensive) of the chartered yacht also affect the mooring price. You can check their web pages to explore the prices for the desired location, date and boat. It is also possible to make a reservation for your spot but bear in mind that it might cost extra.

The mooring and anchorage costs depend on the size of the yacht, sailing period and location but here is an idea of the costs you can expect:

  • Berth in marina, 50 – 70 € per day (for yachts up to 45 feet)
  • Berth in marina, 700 – 110 € per day (for yachts of over 45 feet)
  • A berth in town ports 50 – 80 € per day
  • Mooring buoys approx. 20 – 60 € per day
  • Anchorage in Croatia is free, except in bays which have mooring buoys or concessions
  • National Parks; entrance fee is required for all yachts. For yachts up to 17 m, entrance is approx. 80 – 90 €, IF you pay in advance (online), it can be almost twice the price if not. Another tip: it is cheaper to book for multiple days if this works for your itinerary.

** Note: the berth costs given are for monohulls; catamarans are typically 50 – 100% more.

Fuel consumption

Fuelling costs depend mostly on the sailing route you choose. If you’re chartering a sailing yacht you can decrease the fuel consumption significantly. Use the wind and sail in the morning and afternoon when the sailing conditions are most favourable.

This cost is again dependent on the size of the yacht/model/engine. It also depends on how much you use the generator and sail – the more you sail, the more budget-friendly!

  • Sailing yachts up to 45 feet, approx. 150 – 200 € per week
  • Sailing yachts 50 feet plus, approx. 200 – 350 € per week
  • Catamarans up to 45 feet, 200 – 300 € per week
  • Catamarans 45 feet plus, approx. 250 – 500 € per week

Food and Drinks


Make sure to prep your pantry!

This is an area where you can significantly reduce your costs. For those on a budget, the beauty of chartering a yacht is that you can cook all or most of your meals aboard. Plan your budget accordingly and stick to it. Tip: buy your water and drinks for the week at the beginning of the trip, and food for the first two days – fresh produce you can buy daily on the islands (this reduces food waste). Also, if you are eating out, it is cheaper to eat out for lunch than dinner.

  • Eating out: lunch approx. 15 – 20 € per person, dinner approx. 30 – 50 € per person
  • Crew: if you hire crew, they need to have three meals per day – at least one cooked (aboard or in a restaurant). If you don’t wish to include your crew in the meals you prepare on board or take them to restaurants, it’s expected of you to offer them additional money, as you are responsible for their food.

Price calculation for an average yacht charter in Croatia

Yacht model


Hanse 588 / 2020


Oceanis 38 / 2015


Hanse 455 / 2017


Bali 4.1 / 2019


Sealine F430 / 2018

Charter base Marina Kaštela Marina Kornati Dubrovnik Marina Kaštela Marina Kaštela
charter fee(EUR)/week*
25.4. - 2.5. 4.940,00 1.460,00 2.290,00 3.120,00 6.440,00
25.7.-1.8. 10.880,00 2.990,00 4.560,00 7.260,00 10.440,00
12.9. - 19.9. 7.880,00 2.140,00 3.590,00 5.380,00 7.880,00
transit log** 230,00 160,00 190,00 230,00 200,00
outboard engine/week 90,00 90,00 90,00 90,00 90,00
mooring fee*** 700,00 450,00 500,00 1.050,00


fuel costs**** 240,00 110,00 140,00 220,00 1.800,00
Safety deposit (refundable) 2.500,00 1.300,00 1.600,00 2.000,00 4.000,00
Optional charter extras cost:
skipper/week 1.225,00 1.050,00 1.050,00 1.225,00 1.225,00
980,00 980,00 980,00 980,00 980,00
Early check-in 150,00 150,00 150,00 150,00 150,00
SUP/week 120,00 120,00 120,00 120,00 120,00
Kayak /week 100,00 100,00 100,00 100,00 100,00
WiFi (20 GB) 20,00 20,00 20,00 20,00 20,00
Gennaker/week 280,00 200,00 200,00 n/a n/a
Damage vaiwer 175,00 91,00 112,00 140,00 280,00
  • price list price without discount
    ** transit log (obligatory): final cleaning, bed linen, 2 towel sets pp, kitchen gas
    *** average 3 nights in marina, 2 nights buoy
    **** average 3hr of navigation/day (6 days) for sailing boats/2hr of navigation/day (7 days)

This isn’t a complete list but hopefully, it gives you an idea of costs and helps you budget for your sailing holiday in Croatia. For more information or details, please feel free to contact our dedicated team at Croatia Yachting. Now, time to plan your route!

What is included in the charter fee?

When booking your yacht charter, included in the charter fee is yacht rental for the requested period, navigation and safety equipment, dinghy and bed linens. 

What is not included in the charter fee?

Services not included in the charter fee are: fuel costs (yacht must be returned with full tanks of fuel and water), tourist taxes, mooring and anchorage costs, final cleaning, crew, food, additional equipment (i.e. water toys, gennaker/spinnaker etc.) and excursions.  

How much is a charter in Croatia?

Yacht charter costs in Croatia can range from around 1,000 EUR to over 10,000 EUR per week, depending on factors like yacht type, season, and additional services like skipper or hostess. This wide range accommodates various preferences from smaller sailboats to luxurious motor yachts, with additional costs for essentials and extras.

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