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As long as you are an experienced sailor and you have an adequate (international) skipper’s license, you can charter one of our boats without a skipper and enjoy sailing by yourself.

In bareboat charter the skipper takes full responsibility for the chartered boat and its crew members. Even though the skipper is the only person in charge of the boat, every other crew member should take some part in responsibility to have a safe and comfortable vacation, as it is difficult for one person to take care of the navigation and make sure that everything else on board runs smoothly. Everybody on board should have their tasks and obligations and this is what makes the bareboat charter quite a unique experience in teamwork as well.

In case you decide to spend your vacation in bareboating, Croatia Yachting will provide you all the necessary nautical information: we will recommend you the route, places and restaurants to visit and things to see and taste. You are completely free to cruise at your own pace. Just slack the mooring ropes and… set sail!

Check your skipper license here (download list of valid licenses issued by Croatian Ministry of Sea)