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Have you ever dreamt of having a yacht of your own? We believe that you have, at least once in your life. Make your dreams come true......with our Yacht charter management program you can finally become the owner of your own private yacht.

Our Yacht charter management program provides you with the possibility to become a yacht owner in a fast and simple way with minimal investment and enjoy all the benefits and advantages of yacht ownership without taking care of the yacht maintenance, berth and getting the yacht ready for your holiday.  All the additional tasks as yacht registration, acquisition of additional equipment, transport and launch - feel free to leave them over to us.
Regardless if a monohull, a catamaran or a motor yacht is the focus of your interest - our yacht charter management program is the easiest way to make a desired vessel your own private yacht.

Some advantages of our charter management program are:

What is Yacht charter management?

Our Yacht charter management program is essentially our range of services that ensure our care of your yacht and its charter guests, making sure that your yacht reaches its maximum charter income potential and retains as much value as possible over the years. This program is designed to provide you with the easiest way to owning your own yacht by financing the yacht’s purchase, its maintenance and running costs out of charter income.

If you would like to own your private yacht but you are not sure you could finance it, maintain it or you do not have enough available time to use it as much as you would like to, our Yacht charter management is the best choice for you.

Why should I choose Croatia Yachting?

Croatia Yachting is an authorised dealer for Hanse Yachts, Dehler, Sealine, Fjord and Bali Catamarans and can therefore offer special purchase conditions, high maintenance standards that will ensure the best resale value for your yacht and high-quality after-sales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty. In addition to that, Croatia Yachting is one of the most successful charter companies in Croatia, with an in-house charter/booking agency, that will enable you to cover all your ownership costs through charter income and arrange favourable financing through affiliate leasing companies.

Taking into account that Croatia Yachting takes care of all the aspects of acquiring a yacht for charter management, arranges leasing, provides a berth and charters the yacht for you it is truly a one-stop-shop for you as a charter management client.

With charter bases located on the Croatian coast, you are all set for spending your sailing vacations on one of the most beautiful coastlines and the main charter destination in the world.

We would like to stress the fact that a discount is not the most important factor when buying a yacht for charter. The most important factor is the purchase price/charter income ratio supported by a strong charter company which is able to achieve good booking results for your yacht. We, as one of the biggest charter companies in the area, are able to provide such booking results for your yacht.

How to finance the purchase?

We offer two different models of charter management.

In the Ownership model the purchase of the yacht can be financed in different ways: savings, loan or leasing. Still, the most suitable and common way of yacht purchase is leasing. The purchase is financed with a deposit that is usually between 35% and 50% of the purchase price while the minimal deposit required by leasing companies is 30% of the purchase price. The rest is paid in monthly or quarterly annuities. We will provide the most convenient sources of funding through our cooperation with leasing companies known for their lasting professional experience in yacht financing. You are free to take care of the yacht purchase in your own arrangement if you wish to do so. With the Ownership model the investor’s charter income should cover the monthly leasing or loan annuities along with all the other costs. The leasing is all paid for after five to seven seasons depending on your financing plans.

In the Hanse Yachting World Partnership model the investor needs to finance 55% - 60% of the yachts purchase price (depending on the boat model) while the charter company pays the rest. The investors share cannot be financed with a lease as the investor does not become an owner until the end of the 5 and a half year period. After 5 and a half years in the program the purchase of the yacht is fully financed and the investor becomes the sole owner of the yacht.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

In the ownership model, the contract is signed for an indefinite period of time and you are able to cancel the contract at the end of each season, before the bookings for the next season start.

In the Partnership model, the contract is signed for the period of six charter seasons. After the contract expires, you can continue with charter management by signing a contract for the Ownership model of charter management.

How is the charter income shared?

In the Ownership model the Charter income is shared in proportion 65%-35% in favour of the yacht owner.

Out of 65% of the charter income the yacht owner finances:

Out of 35% of the charter income the charter company finances:

In other words, we are paid for booking the yacht either directly or in cooperation with partner agencies and for taking care of charter guests. The remaining income goes to the yacht owner.


In the Partnership model the charter income is not shared with the investor as the charter company takes care of all the running and maintenance costs.

Out of the charter income the charter company finances:

How do I select a Yacht model?

When choosing a yacht the final decision is yours, regardless of what specific model or number of cabins you choose. However, in order to make your purchase more favourable we will recommend the most profitable models according to our professional experience. Moreover, with detailed calculation of cost and income we will present the cost-effectiveness of particular yacht models in order to help you find the most suitable yacht that will match your needs.

Contact us to get a detailed income and cost projection for a desired Hanse, Dehler, Sealine and Fjord yacht or Bali Catamaran.

In case you already own a yacht you can still join our program. Feel free to contact us and earn additional income with your yacht.

What about yacht registration?

You can buy the yacht in your name or in the name of your company and register it accordingly. Still, only a Croatian company has the right to claim VAT reimbursement which significantly affects the final price of the yacht. Therefore we suggest opening a company in Croatia if you do not have one. In that case, the yacht has to be registered in Croatia. The process of founding a company in Croatia is rather simple and it costs about 3.500 EUR (26.000 HRK) of which 2.500 EUR is basic capital that can be used afterwards. We offer full support in the process of founding and running a company.

What about yacht Maintenance?

A properly maintained yacht is the only way to a satisfied charter guest and at the same time the key to a successful business process. Consequently, our professionally educated staff constantly supervises the condition of the yacht and its equipment. With regular services we act in advance in order to prevent any bigger malfunctions and to provide a safe and high-quality vacation for charter guests. With continuous supervision and maintenance, we ensure the longevity of your yacht and equipment as well as a higher price in charter and a higher market value when you decide to sell the yacht. The owner of the yacht has a permanent insight in maintenance processes and their cost – the yachts that we hold in our bases are the best evidence of the quality of service that we provide.

As an official representative for Hanse, Dehler, Sealine and Fjord yachts and Bali Catamarans we guarantee high-quality after-sales support with prompt processing of claims throughout warranty and after the warranty has passed. In fact, we will make all the warranty claims for you to ensure the yacht is always in top condition.

What if the yacht gets damaged?

All yachts in our charter fleet are covered with a full CASCO insurance policy. Damage repair costs are covered firstly by the charter client responsible for the damage and secondly by the insurance policy. Repairs are done either by us as, an official representative, or a third party specialized service, depending on the nature of the necessary repairs.

How do I get to use my yacht?

In the ownership model of our charter management you can use your yacht as much as you want but the more you use your yacht the less income you can expect. For the charter income to cover your financing, maintenance, berth and other expenses we recommend up to three weeks per season. You can also use your yacht whenever it is not booked for charter.

When using the owners’ week, the owner is supposed to cover only the costs of yacht preparation and local taxes without paying the charter fee. Just call and book the vacation on the yacht – we will take care of everything else.

In the Partnership model you can use the yacht for up to 3 weeks including 2 weeks in high season.

When using the owners’ week, the owner is supposed to cover only the costs of yacht preparation and local taxes without paying the charter fee. Just call and book the vacation on the yacht – we will take care of everything else.

In what condition is the yacht after the program and what is its market value?

In a very good and fully functional condition. Of course, the result of chartering is a higher level of wear of the yacht, which can be taken care of with minimal investment and reconstruction. In any case, the charter yachts in our fleet are in better condition than many private yachts, due to the fact that they are constantly supervised and regularly maintained by professionals in our charter company.

In our experience, after 5 years in the Charter management program the yacht’s market value is roughly 65% of its initial purchase value.

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