5 Ancient Cities on Your Dalmatian Sailing Route

5 Ancient Cities on Your Dalmatian Sailing Route Blog

When you charter or rent a yacht in Croatia, there are so many options you have in terms of sailing routes. To help give you an idea of what you can expect, we wanted to share some information to get you excited about your sailing holiday in Croatia. Here are 6 Ancient Cities you can visit along your Dalmatian sailing itinerary.


City of Trogir

Starting from our yacht base in Kaštela, you can easily visit the ancient city of Trogir. This city has 2,300 years of continuous history yet is lesser-known than its neighbour Split; however, Trogir has its charm and is worth adding to a Dalmatia sailing itinerary. Though small in stature it has one of the highest concentrations of palaces, churches and architectural points of interest. From every angle, Trogir is a picture-postcard which you will love exploring. 




Split is easily accessible from our Kaštela base and is a definite highlight on a Dalmatian sailing holiday. The old town of Split is situated within the walls of the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace, built in 305 AD. Split is dominated by its famous promenade 'the Riva' which is lined with boutique restaurants and bars and is perfect for sitting and watching the world go by. Rather than a museum you visit, Split is a living monument to the past; walk Split's alleyways to discover the history, gastronomy, fashion, art and local charm.



Picturesque Hvar

Hvar town on the island Hvar has become increasingly popular over the years as a favourite destination for sailors and travellers alike. Like much of the Dalmatian coast, Hvar town was ruled by the Venetians from the 13th – 18th Century and the gorgeous Renaissance architecture bears testament to this. While Hvar town became known as a party destination, it has so much more to offer. Incredible wineries are located on the island of Hvar, some of Dalmatia’s best restaurants can be found here and local designer shops fill the alleyways. There’s a taste of history as well, with the oldest civic theatre in Europe, dating back 1612! It’s located on the first floor of the Arsenal building, first built as a maintenance shipyard. Of course, if you want to go out, there are numerous bars, beach bars and nightclubs to keep you entertained.




Historic Korčula

Sailing further south, you will reach the island of Korčula, another gem of a destination. Korčula town is often referred to as a mini-Dubrovnik, as it is a small, medieval fortressed town. Like Hvar, it also has strong Venetian influences in its architecture but it also has a very distinct local history, culture and beauty. A picturesque town filled with gorgeous restaurants and vinotekas (where you can sample local wine), and boutique shops. Live music can be found on most evenings and through summer, keep an eye out for the traditional Moreška sword dance which has been performed in Korčula for more than 400 years! Oh, let’s not forget that Korčula is the birthplace of greatest explorer Marco Polo and you can pay it a visit, as it is open for visitors. Sail to Korčula on a 7-day sailing itinerary from Split or reach it more comfortably by chartering a yacht from Dubrovnik.


The ancient city of Dubrovnik is a must-see destination for most who visit Croatia – made even more popular by the Game of Thrones series filmed here. Dubrovnik was originally founded in the 7th Century and quickly rose to glory thanks to its position, shipbuilding and maritime trade. From the moment you step through Dubrovnik’s gates, you are instantly met by its beauty and grandeur – from Master Onofrio’s fountain which greets you at the entrance, the Sponza Palace, 18th Century St Blaise Cathedral to the polished stone streets and much more. Walk the walls, dine in any number of top-class restaurants, sip a coffee on the Stradun or visit one of the numerous museums, galleries and churches. Dubrovnik has something for everyone. Dubrovnik is the perfect place to begin or finish your sailing holiday in Croatia.



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