Lat: 42.98254
Lng: 16.00377

One of the most beautiful stops on your sailing route is Biševska luka (also called Porat) on the island of Biševo. Biševska luka is a 500 m long bay, deeply carved into the island, ending with a beautiful sandy beach. It is safe to anchor in the inner part, where the depth ranges from 5 m to 10 m. The bottom is also sandy, so be careful when anchoring. Biševska luka offers a great shelter from southern winds, but is very open to W and SW winds and it can be rather dangerous in such weather conditions. There are no moorings or buoys, therefore no charges either. A nice path will lead you from the bay to the highest peak of the island, Stražbenica and island inland villages - if you want to have a nice dinner, go to one of the famous restaurants of the area.

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