Lat: 43.3922
Lng: 16.2056241

Šešula bay, well protected from the wind and very well positioned, is one of the most visited bays of the western part of the island of Šolta. It is situated in the south of Maslinica, between the port of Maslinica and Marinca bay, only 15 nm from marina Kaštela. The sea in the entrance of the bay is 47 m deep. Mooring is possible in the bottom north-eastern part of the bay at the depth of 7 m. The bottom is muddy, overgrown by sea grass. You can also moor in the bottom south-eastern part of the bay. There are two good restaurants in this bay, Šišmiš and Šešula, offering good food and unforgettable atmosphere. Mooring is possible in front of these restaurants, too.

Apart from the restaurants, Šešula bay has a diving centre and a fish farm. If you rent a sailing boat with Croatia Yachting and start your sail from marina Kaštela, Šešula bay is an excellent first stop of your cruise.

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