Lat: 42.73339
Lng: 16.88828

Skrivena luka - Hidden port is definitely one of the most famous moorings of South Dalmatia. If it weren't for the lighthouse of Struga on one side and the light on cape Stražica, the bay would be difficult to find. 150 m wide passage hides the bay that is 900 m long. The bay is an excellent protection against all winds, especially if you go deeper. You only have to pay attention at the entrance if there’s any wind from the northwest that creates big waves. Anchoring is possible on the depth of 5 to 10 meters and the bottom is muddy, overgrown by sea grass, so that the anchor holds well. There is a 30 m pontoon deck and a few buoys for mooring in front of the restaurant called konoba Portorosa. We strongly advise a visit of the lighthouse nearby.

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