Lat: 43.17968
Lng: 16.67685

The town of Vrboska is located on the northern shore of Hvar. Its long and narrow bay with an east to west orientation provides excellent shelter for all winds except the ones from the east. There is an ACI marina in the town of Vrboska and the bay in the town itself is actually too narrow for anchoring.

The ideal spot for anchoring is at the north side of the very entrance of the bay, where a beachside hotel and camping site are located. The depth in this part of the bay is 6 to 10 meters and the holding of the anchor in the sand is sufficient for normal weather conditions. You can visit the town with your tender and find a place for it in the port. The other option would be to tie your tender just under the hotel and enjoy a walk along a beautiful path from the hotel to the town.

The town itself offers plenty of sightseeing attractions and restaurants.

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