Quick sailing getaway on the Adriatic

Quick sailing getaway on the Adriatic Blog

Summer is officially over, and you can extend it with a quick escape to the open sea. We know that there are no bad days when sailing, and this is the ideal opportunity to enjoy life on board during the fall. A light breeze, peace and quiet, and sunsets of magical color—this is exactly what you need after an exciting summer.

During October and November, we offer special short-term bookings with a minimum of four days. It's good to be rational and plan ahead, but sometimes you need to wake up the adventurer in you and take a last-minute vacation. Although we offer a 7-day charter as standard, trust our careful assessment that less than 7 days are quite enough to rest your body and soul while sailing on the Adriatic, which at that time takes on a golden note. Given that the tourist season is coming to an end, you will be able to enjoy yourself without big crowds, both at sea and on the unreal Adriatic coast and islands. This is an ideal opportunity for anyone who might want to practice their sailing skills and fully immerse themselves in life on board. You will have endless nautical miles all to yourself!

Surprise yourself with a quick getaway and opt for our last-minute offer. This is an opportunity not to be missed, and the autumn edition in which you will experience the national Dalmatian regions will be remembered for the rest of your life.

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