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Alliaura's boats have met with unquestionable success, both with private people and charter businesses, due to the outstanding quality of its goods, both monohulls, and catamarans. Unfortunately, Alliaura declared bankruptcy in 2012, following the disastrous years following the 2008 economic crisis.

The shipyard has been taken over by the German business Hanse Yachts and renamed Privilège Yachts. It is currently solely committed to the building of tour catamarans. It is well-known in the cabin rental industry for its models Privilege 745, Privilege 585, and 495. The huge Privilege catamarans have a well-deserved reputation for being well-built and suited for cabin sailing.

There are now five boats in the Privilege catamaran line. The Privilege Signature 510 and 580, as well as the Privilege Series 640 and 740, and a powercat, the Privilege Euphorie 5. The Feeling, 32 Di, and 39 DI's manufacturing excellence, as well as their seaworthiness, gained them tremendous commercial success.


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