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The introduction of a 32' Targa in 1977 and a 105'er in 1982 confirmed Azimut's position as a worldwide brand of manufacturing yachts. Today Azimut Yachts, a brand of Italy's Azimut-Benetti Group, is a major manufacturer of luxury yachts that range in length from 11.8 meters to even more than 36 meters. The yachts were designed by Stefano Righini and has an interior by Achille Salvagni, the brand's most popular design team. 

Azimut has preserved its leading position via design innovation and diversification throughout the years. Azimut's use of wide, frameless hull windows to link guests onboard its yachts to the ocean outside is a remarkable illustration of its style DNA. Its yacht model range is distinguished by its advanced, modern appearance and competitive performance. Azimut motor yachts are also noted for their cutting-edge, elevated interiors.

Each model in the Azimut line represents detail-oriented craftsmanship and style, a quality that is synonymous with Italian production.

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