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Established by the Beneteau family in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie in 1884, today, BENETEAU continues to share its history, its experience and its passion for boats handed down from one generation of boat builders to the next. Although originally created to build fishing boats, BENETEAU responded to the expectations of recreational boaters by expanding and developing its ranges and products, making innovation a core element of its business strategy. Today, BENETEAU develops 11 ranges of yachts and motorboat, opening up the world of recreational boating to as many people as possible.

Over 136 years ago, Bénéteau manufactured the first sailboats, and a lot has happened since then. Carbon fiber and resin, which are both durable but lightweight, have taken the place of the wood they formerly relied on. Kevlar and Vectran have taken the place of canvas, which formerly captured the wind. Dark, closed-off salons and cabins have been changed into light, airy living areas. And the number of advancements in hull design and navigation keeps expanding at an exponentially growing rate.

Every FIRST, FIRST YACHT, FIGARO, OCEANIS, and OCEANIS YACHT manufactured today reflects the BENETEAU family's pride in workmanship and enthusiasm for performance.


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