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Dufour was founded with design at its core. The yard has been closely collaborating with renowned designer Umberto Felci, whose name is synonymous with award-winning cruising boats, since 2002. The design team has recently been reenergized by the combination with famous catamaran maker Fountaine Pajot. The brand-new boats are a beautiful synthesis of alluring appearance, thrilling performance, and ergonomic detailing.

Hard chines, a low waterline beam, and a beautiful, integrated bowsprit are hallmarks of the Umberto Felci period. The coachroof is efficient, low-profile, and has simple, aesthetically pleasing lines throughout. Dufour boat interiors are just as distinctive as the outside. spacious and bright. The designers of the yard have mastered the art of the essential, favoring restrained, minimalist construction above ornate detailing and other embellishments that bog you down. But don't confuse simplicity with a simple design. Quality and comfort are givens, as is the option to configure the boat to your own cruising needs whether you are interested in extended family vacations, relaxing weekends along the coast, racing, or maximizing the feeling of heeling.

You may have great and enjoyable sailing adventures on a Dufour yacht, and you can take satisfaction in owning a classy and secure sailboat.


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