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By 1975, the brothers had decided to capitalize on their boat-building company. They eventually converted from sailing boats to power boats in response to market demand, producing the first Ferretti luxury motor yacht in 1982. Ferretti Yachts has represented a cruising aesthetic based on a love of the sea for more than 50 years.

Ferretti Yachts has kept making the most of its partnership with Italian yacht design company Studio Zuccon International Project to create a whole line of modern, elegant flying bridge motor yachts made of composite materials and to export them globally.

The shipyard has pioneered plenty of innovative high-tech solutions that have raised the bar and transformed the pleasure-boating industry. Underbody exhausts or a tilting window between the lounge and the cockpit; F-TDR (Ferretti Trim and Drag Reduction) or electro-hydraulic active Steer-by-Wire systems; the infusion lamination process or XFT (Cross-Fibre Technology), and many more.

Ferretti Yachts' most recent innovations strengthen the connectivity and make their hulls even easier to manage, all while simultaneously increasing living areas and onboard comfort with innovative new designs and cutting-edge technologies.

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