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Every great venture begins with an ambitious vision to create something stunning and memorable. Their important knowledge allows them to stay at the frontline of inventive boat builders, always offering new and creative designs. Galeon boats have earned a reputation for outstanding design, efficiency, and workmanship throughout the years. To keep ahead of its competition, Galeon must test the limits of its designs, apply innovative solutions, and incorporate fresh concepts. Galeon boats are constantly modified and refined since they understand that even the tiniest details may have an impact on the final result. Their long-standing connection with Tony Castro Design Studio and the up-and-coming Roberto Curt Design has proven to be a great mix. 

They aim to be recognized for excellent quality, unique technology, and flawless product performance. Galeon yachts extend the boundaries even further with each new generation of Galeon boats. They developed a second workshop with complete access to the Baltic Sea to enhance and build even larger models. They are prepared for the future, with a private marina that also provides berths for Galeon boat owners.


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