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A strong sense of business and workmanship capable of constructing sailing boats with a highly recognized 'Made in Italy' design, passed from generation to generation lead to the brand we know today.

Grand Soleil sailboats are built with modern technology and high-quality materials to assure regatta performance, autonomously long-distance navigation, and a high level of sustainability concern. Using high-pressure water jets, all elements, including the motor and thrusters, are tested in the water tank to check operation and that the sailboat is waterproof. A huge internal technical office committed to ensuring the highest possible quality, performance, and controls at each stage.

The hull and deck of every Grad Solri are built as a sandwich of biaxial and unidirectional fiberglass impregnated with Epoxy-vinyl ester resin. All hulls are reinforced with a carbon and GRP composite frame, which improves stiffness and strength while lowering weight.

Grand Soleil sailboats blend Italian elegance with high-speed speed performance and onboard comfort. Since 2000, the organization has hosted its own Grand Soleil Cup race for existing clients.


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