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Greenline Boats are leading the way in eco-friendly boating with their fully equipped conventional, hybrid, and electric fleet. Based in Slovenia, a country known for its environmental consciousness, the company has been using hybrid boat propulsion since 2008, revolutionizing the industry.

Every model in the Greenline range is available with a completely electric drive system that offers quiet, emission-free propulsion and integrated energy management. This means that all equipment on the boat can be used without the need for a generator or shore power, thanks to a bank of solar panels. The boats are built with energy efficiency in mind, using lightweight materials and aerodynamic shapes to reduce energy consumption.

Greenline Boats' commitment to sustainability extends beyond their technology and design. They prioritize the use of sustainable materials and recycling in their construction processes. The company's name has become synonymous with ongoing innovation in boat construction and design, setting a new standard for eco-friendly boating.


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