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Professionals and talented technicians have always been crucial to the building of boats at Jeanneau. They share their knowledge and their enthusiasm for a job well done. The beauty of Jeanneau's boats sets them apart. Internationally recognized naval architects and designers, who offer fresh ideas to each new project, are responsible for their clean, contemporary lines. These skills, along with the knowledge of the Jeanneau project teams, generate beautiful, comfortable, and always manageable sailboats. With a 40-hectare production facility, Jeanneau is the owner of the largest cruiser boat manufacturing facility in Europe. The Jeanneau Success Formula: Combine the most recent building technology with over 60 years of actual boat-building know-how. Modern factories with ergonomic manufacturing lines, digital workflows, and effective logistic supply networks should be invested in and continually improved.

A product is tracked by its whole quality control system throughout the entire production process and beyond. They continuously look for methods to make our boats better through laboratory testing of each batch of resin, tank testing, customer satisfaction surveys, and regular supplier evaluations.


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