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The stainless-steel grid below the cabin sole is bonded into the hull to disperse the weights from the mast step, chainplates, and keel. Interiors are composed of lightweight modern materials, and one of the company's selling points is the low entry-level pricing.

Salona has proven to be successful on the circuit, but new hulls are also marketed as pleasant family cruisers with features suitable for weekend or beach vacations.

Salona Group has launched S380 in 2020, the first Croatian sailing boat with electric power, after months of intensive planning and testing. The boat has set sail towards North America, where her owner is waiting. The deck is equipped with solar panels that may generate up to 986 W. In addition to being quite beautiful, the solar panels are put properly and coated in an anti-skid surface that allows them to be walked on.

Modern fast cruisers with plenty of performance being competitive race boats are designed. The end product is pure sailing enjoyment, whether cruising or racing. Salona sailboats are known for their safety, seaworthiness, durability, agility, and pleasure.


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