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SEALINE yachts currently provide four motor yacht series: Cruiser, Flybridge, Sport, and Outboard V, comprising a total of twelve yachts from 33 to 53 feet. The luxurious lines that distinguish SEALINE's boats are the work of famous yacht designer Bill Dixon. SEALINE goes above and beyond in the craft of yacht building to provide a unique range of motor boats for every occasion. As a result, the crew and guests will enjoy the spacious deck layout, floor-to-ceiling windows, plenty of ventilation, a light-flooded interior thanks to the enormous hull windows, and an exciting sailing experience.

The Cruiser series includes the models C335, C390, C430, and C530. They effectively combine the ability to adapt to space and elegant ambiance. Crowned by a class-leading upper deck, the two flybridge yacht models F430 and F530 offer lots of room on deck and a fantastic all-around view.

The S335, S390, and S430 are part of the sporty S-line. With this range, you get that convertible sensation on deck. The open deck layout of the Sport-series motor yachts encourages a casual mood on board. The C335v, S335v, and C390v stand for an extraordinarily dynamic driving experience.  The Outboard V-series versions provide a ton of extra storage space for water sports gear. Additionally, the low draft makes it simple to anchor in shallow bays.

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