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The X-Yachts Range of Performance Cruisers was created throughout the 1990s. While sailboats of 35 feet in length were once the most popular X-Yachts, this is no longer the case. Bigger boats are desired. Sailboats in the 45-50 foot range are today's bread and butter.

Over the previous 40 years, the X-Yachts shipyard has created over 60 models that presently fall into three categories:

- XRange: the racing cruiser line, which debuted with the X6 in 2016. They are sailboats for sophisticated sailors seeking thrills and amenities that are both private and luxurious.

- XCruising: a long-distance cruising range that was introduced in 2008. The XC-45 model won European Yacht of the Year 2008, distinguishes out for its short draught and perfect cockpit arrangement, allowing the crew to sail comfortably.

- XPerformance: the performance line that debuted with the XP 44 in early 2011, followed by the XP 38 and XP 55. These include types that are both durable and enjoyable and are intended for both racing and ocean sailing.

X-Boats' yachts, which have been recognized for over 40 years for outstanding performance and pleasure, are now among the world's greatest yachting models.


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