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Lukšić, also known as Kaštel Vitturi, was named for a nobleman from Trogir and his magnificent Renaissance mansion with towers and a drawbridge. It is the central and largest of the seven Kaštela.

      Lučica Kaštel Lukšić

      Address (Street and number)
      Kaštela, Croatia

      The shops, post office, and ATM are easily accessible in Lukšić. However, the medical clinic is located in Kaštel Stari and the veterinarian is in Kaštel Novi. In nearby Gomilica, the enormous Marina Kaštela offers everything you need for your boat, and craftsmen are accessible by request in Lukšić.

      All seven Kaštela are "one body," so their transit connectivity is equivalent. Lukšić is a 14-kilometer bus ride from Split, along the highway and railway, and 11 kilometers from the airport.

      Equipment and Services

      Sanitary Premises

      • Toilets

      Additional Content

      • Restaurant and a Bar
      • Parking
      • Grocery Store

      About Kaštela

      Kaštela, located in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia, is a municipality with seven separate settlements, each with its own unique character and charm. The historic Kaštel Gomilica and scenic Kaštel Štafilić offer a rich tapestry of culture and legacy against the stunning background of the Dalmatian coast. The Kaštela Riviera, a 20-kilometre length shoreline, is a popular destination for travellers due to its historical significance and natural beauty. Kaštela offers a variety of recreational activities and stunning views, including ancient Roman docks and sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees. Kaštela is a popular tourist destination known for its rich history, Mediterranean charm, and many leisure activities. Kaštela provides a beautiful blend of cultural heritage and recreational options, whether wandering along the shoreline, enjoying water sports, or simply savouring the local food.

      Other marinas in Kaštela

      It's a good idea to look for alternative marinas in Kaštela and surrounding areas that meet your specific needs. By looking into numerous possibilities, you can find the marina that best meets your needs.

      Marina Kastela

      Marina Kaštela is one of the newest Croatian marinas, situated on the South-East shore of Kaštela Bay shielded by the Kozjak Mountain from the North while the Marjan and Ciovo peninsula guard its southern sea approach.

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