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Address (Street and number): Sukošan I 45, 23206 Bibinje-Sukošan
Phone: +385 23 20 03 00
Lat: 44.05391
Lng: 15.29812

Located in Sukošan, D-Marin Dalmacija Marina is Croatia's premier yachting destination and Croatia's largest marina, offering a capacity of 1,200 sea berths and 500 land berths. The marina is open year round.

Chartering a Yacht in D-Marin Dalmacija Marina

Chartering a yacht in D-Marin Dalmacija Marina is a breeze, thanks to the availability of a diverse fleet and an efficient chartering service.

Types of Yachts Available

The marina has a diverse selection of yachts, ranging from compact sailing yachts to spacious catamarans and powerful motor yachts. There's a yacht to cater to every sailor's whim.

Moorings and Berths

The marina’s berthing facilities are top-notch, offering both sea and land berths equipped with modern amenities.

The marina can accommodate a large number of vessels, with 1,200 sea berths and 500 land berths. The facilities are well-maintained, ensuring a comfortable stay for all.

The marina is well-protected from all winds, but winds from the south-east can create slight swells.

Facilities and Services

D-Marin Dalmacija Marina offers a range of facilities and services, designed to cater to every sailor’s needs.

The marina consists of many facilities, including a reception office, water and power supply, phone outlets, a small shop, a hotel, a casino, a yacht club, an indoor Olympic swimming pool, laundry and dry cleaning, sports grounds, medical services and charter fleets. 

Maintenance and Repair Services

The marina’s maintenance and repair services are fully equipped to handle any repairs your yacht might require. The marina is equipped with a lift for repairs. There is also a fuel station, water and power supply, and ample parking space.

Nearby Attractions and Activities In the Area 

Sukošan is a small town of narrow alleys about 11 km south of Zadar along the coast. Located in the bay of the same name, it has many beautiful sandy beaches.
On the 13th of August Sukošan celebrates its patron saint with the feast of St. Kasijan. Numerous national parks are in the vicinity of Sukošan and Zadar: Plitvice, Paklenica, Krka and Kornati, as well as the nature parks Velebit and Telašćica.

Available Activities

A range of activities, such as diving and fishing, are available, offering fun-filled experiences for everyone.


The marina is particularly attractive because of its proximity to the national parks (Kornati 14 km, Plitvice 150 km, Paklenica 50 km, Krka 75 km). Marina is easily accessible by road and by sea. Zadar Airport is only 5 km from the marina.

Accessibility to the Marina

The marina’s connectivity to major transportation networks makes it easily accessible. Good road connections link the marina to major Croatian cities like Split and Šibenik, making it easily reachable.

Local Transportation Options

There are numerous local transportation options, including buses and taxis, ensuring easy mobility within the area.

Other Useful Information

Additional information such as marina operating hours, safety measures, and reservation procedures can be found on the marina's official website.


All in all, D-Marin Dalmacija Marina is more than just a marina – it's a unique destination where unforgettable yachting experiences are born.

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