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Hanse 460- the European Yacht of the Year 2022

26. January, 2022

Hanse 460- the European Yacht of the Year 2022 News

Meet the latest chapter in the Hanse success story. She is the first Hanse yacht designed by famous French yacht designers Berret-Racoupeau. This modern beauty combines fresh innovation and tradition, such as fast cruising and easy sailing concept- all with a modern sporty look. The result is a yacht that provides adrenaline for more adventure ones and an individual stylish home at sea for families. That is the reason why are we happy to announce that this radically redesigned beauty has won the flattering title “European Yacht of Year” in the family cruise category!


Brand new Hanse model premiered in 2021, and yet in a few months this is the best European yacht of the year will be in most of our charter bases with the different opinions suitable for your needs:



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