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Dear guests,

In the past months, we have experienced challenges like never before. We all had to adapt to these new circumstances in all aspects of life and business. Measures taken by the Croatian government have shown results, with the number of COVID-19 cases reducing by day and more people getting better. Thanks to that, the government has decided to begin by lifting the restrictions in phases.

We are already in the first phase, with most of the stores and businesses starting to open, of course, following the guidelines of distancing. Restrictions are lifted on public transportation, libraries, galleries and some service industry companies.

The second phase starts on May 4th and it will bring back the shops that include close contact with customers and the public health system in its full capacity.

And during the third phase, starting May 11th, schools, universities and malls will open their doors again. Most interestingly, the national flights will be on schedule and hotels will be able to welcome their guests again.

During the second half of May, we are expecting new measures with regards to international traffic and travels. The EU members are currently discussing the possibility of establishing special passenger road and air corridors so that people can arrive at their desired destination quickly and safely.

The actual ease of restriction measures in Croatia and other EU countries make us impatient and excited about the new season. Sure, it will start later than usual, but numerous advantages that sailing holidays in given circumstances offer, give us all the reasons in the world to be optimistic. Chartering a yacht is a great way to spend your vacation, as it combines the safety of avoiding crowded spaces and fun of exploring beauties of Adriatic with your loved ones. The rise of interest in sailing holidays is another reason for optimism, while we are using these quiet times to prepare ourselves and to adjust our practices to ensure the safety of our guests.

For those who planned to sail in Croatia at the beginning of the season, we offer rescheduling options. This includes reservations that are due during May and until June 6th. We are working on finding the alternative dates so all of our guests can have the vacation they deserve.

We are proud as our collective efforts have helped to put the pandemic under control. Patience, respecting the guidelines and social distancing wasn't (and still aren't) easy, but we remained hopeful and certain that soon we'll welcome our guests and resume on providing Yachting at its best!

For any questions you may have regarding the updates on the measures, existing or new bookings, do not hesitate to contact us via mail

Croatia Yachting team.

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