More than 5000 Instagram followers

More than 5000 Instagram followers News

These hot summer days are additionally warmed by 5000 followers on Instagram, and still counting! Our social media community is expanding, and that makes us very happy and proud. This is just the cherry on top of our successful communication with clients: over 15,000 followers on Facebook, more than 1,350 on LinkedIn, and 80,000 views on YouTube. With each new follower, we feel a greater responsibility in the sense that we strive to post as useful, relevant, and interesting content as possible. 

On our Instagram profile, as well as on other social networks, you can see high-quality images, carefully selected by our marketing team, showing the entire yacht offer. We often upload videos where you can see all the performances of our boats and, at least for a moment, wander into the vastness of the blue and clear Adriatic Sea. The Adriatic coast abounds in wonderful Mediterranean places, untouched nature, hidden coves, and enchanting beaches, and we try to convey all of this to your computer or mobile phone screen.

When choosing content, Croatia Yachting tries to get into the soul and minds of nautical tourists and offer them what they want to see, even if they don't even know it yet. Our goal is to present small everyday moments on board as special, as they really are. Therefore, we often draw inspiration for content creation from activities such as cooking on board or choosing a perfect sailing shoes. When you're on board, these are no longer ordinary daily concerns but rather lifestyle issues.

Our team of creatives and designers do their best to make our posts the highlight of your day in the virtual world. We consider it our task to disconnect our followers, at least for a moment, from everyday life and inspire them to dare to go sailing and untie the ropes.

If you haven't yet, it's time to follow us and participate in the #winandsail2023 giveaway. All you need is to be creative.