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Who wouldn't want to spend a holiday sailing around the Adriatic coast? That's a thought that had to go through your mind at least once. If that is the case, you have probably explored the options and you've seen terms such as bareboat, skippered and crewed yacht charter. All of them are mostly self-explanatory. But among there is a big chance you have run into something called flotilla yacht charter. Now, what could that be? Read on to find out!

What is flotilla yacht charter?

A little bit of history to begin with. The name originates from the Spanish language, with the word flota meaning simply a fleet of ships. That doesn't come as a surprise, flotilla does sound Spanish. And it accurately describes what flotilla is, it's a group of yachts that are chartered and they sail and explore the sailing area together. There is also one yacht and crew that is in charge, and they lead the other yacht along the sailing route.

While the name might come from Spain, the first flotilla ever actually sailed in Greece, back in the 1970s. The concept of flotilla yacht charter is still relevant today, although it did go through some changes since its beginning. Most importantly, it used to be a bit more rigid, all the yachts in flotilla had to strictly follow the route and schedule, but now flotilla offers a lot more flexibility.

About flotilla

Flotilla yacht charter offers a great sailing experience as it combines the best of both worlds, the privacy of your own yacht and socializing with other sailing enthusiasts from other crews. If you don't know the sailing area you wish to explore, there is no need to worry because daily routes are already planned for you.

The leading crew will brief you in the morning about the sailing route for the day and the rendezvous point. And what will you do in between the sailing route and the finish line fr the day, is your own thing. Whether you want to spend the day with your friends and family and find a place to swim and relax, or you'd like to engage in a race with other crews it's up to you. You have all the flexibility you want. Flotilla Yacht charter often offers various types of entertainment such as dinners and evening parties for crews to socialize, plenty of activities such as bike rides and site seeing tours. Of course, no one is obliged to participate, the choice is yours. All you have to do is get on the rendezvous point in the agreed time.

As it's clear by now, there are a lot of benefits of choosing flotilla yacht charter, so let us present you with the most important ones:

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Who should choose flotilla yacht charter?

Maybe you're still wondering in flotilla is the right type of yacht charter for you. From our experience if you find yourself in any of the listed categories – yes, you should go for it.

Final words

Planned out routes, entertainment, support on the way and flexibility of sailing the Adriatic sound like a thing for you?

In Croatia Yachting we have experience, vast selection of yachts in our own fleet to accommodate smaller and larger crews and local knowledge at our side. Also, if you need a skipper, we have a list of professional skippers with great reviews from our guests. So, for any questions regarding the flotilla charter availability or organization, feel free to ask us via e-mail booking@croatia-yachting.hr or by phone +385 21 332 332.