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      Biograd na Moru Yacht Charter | Boat Rental in Biograd

      Biograd na Moru is a beautiful town on the Adriatic coast in Croatia, located near Zadar and the Kornati and Krka National Parks. It is a popular tourist destination with stunning beaches, a marina, numerous hotels, private apartments, and campsites. It is particularly well-known among sailing enthusiasts due to its rich nautical offerings. 

      Exciting activities in Biograd 

      Regardless of age or interests, Biograd na Moru offers an incredible array of activities, from visiting national parks to exciting adrenaline experiences at sea. 


      Fishing enthusiasts, whether for sport or leisure, will find their haven in Biograd! Among the prime fishing spots are the channel near the campsite and Prosika, a channel connecting the lake with the sea. Additionally, there's a well-equipped marina and visitor information center available. 


      The waters around the town of Biograd are simply perfect for all diving enthusiasts, both professionals and beginners eager to explore the depths of the sea. Experienced divers favor this area due to its exceptionally diverse underwater world and numerous natural phenomena. 


      The proximity to the Vransko Lake Nature Park offers visitors to Biograd the opportunity to encounter the richness of numerous Mediterranean bird species, many of which are rare and endangered in Europe today. All seasons are suitable for birdwatching, but spring and summer are the most fascinating due to the greater variety of species and colors in nature. 

      Dalmaland - Entertainment center for all ages 

      Adrenaline enthusiasts in Biograd na Moru are in for a treat! Just nearby lies Fun Park Dalmaland, Croatia's first themed amusement park, sprawling across 45,000 m2. Children, teenagers, and the whole family can choose their adventure, with over 20 rides including roller coasters, giant swings, and water slides. 

      7-Day sailing route from Biograd na Moru 

      Here is a seven-day sailing route from Biograd na Moru that includes a visit to some of the most beautiful locations along the Adriatic coast: 

      Day 1: Biograd na Moru – Kornati: Start your journey towards the Kornati National Park, one of the most beautiful island archipelagos in the Adriatic. The archipelago consists of 140 islands, and sailing through its crystal-clear waters offers an unforgettable experience. Enjoy exploring the islands and anchor at one of the peaceful spots for an overnight stay. 

      Day 2: Kornati – Sali: After breakfast, head towards Sali, a place of thousand-year-old fishing tradition, confirmed by written documents from the 10th century. Besides its rich history, Sali is known for the olive groves surrounding the settlement. At the same time, enjoy strolling through the picturesque town and exploring its cultural heritage. 


      Day 3: Sali – Zadar: Continue southward to the city of Zadar, known for its rich history and stunning architecture. Take a walk through the historic city center, visit the Roman Forum, the Church of St. Donatus, and experience the sounds of the Sea Organ. 

      Day 4: Zadar - Veli Iž: After Zadar, head towards the tranquil island of Veli Iž. This island is known for its laid-back atmosphere and beautiful beaches. At the heart of the village is the renovated Church of St. Peter, a cultural center, an ethnographic collection, and several authentic taverns and restaurants where you can enjoy local cuisine. 

      Day 5: Veli Iž - Šibenik: Sail northwest towards Šibenik, a city rich in cultural heritage and impressive architecture. You can moor in Šibenik Town Port. Visit the Cathedral of St. Jakov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and take a stroll through the narrow streets of the old town. In the evening, enjoy Šibenik's gastronomy in one of the local restaurants. 

      Day 6: Šibenik - Primošten: Continue your journey southward to the picturesque town of Primošten. This town is known for its stone streets and beautiful beaches. You can moor in Marina Kremik. Spend the day exploring the narrow streets of the old town, enjoying swimming at the beautiful beaches, and trying local specialties. 

      Day 7: Primošten - Kaprije Island - Biograd na Moru: For the final leg, head towards Kaprije Island, located south of Šibenik. This island is known for its peaceful atmosphere and the absence of cars, making it an ideal place for relaxation and exploration on foot or by bicycle. Enjoy the serene ambiance of the island, explore its hidden coves and beaches, and immerse yourself in the beauty of untouched nature. Afterward, sail back to Biograd na Moru, concluding your unforgettable seven-day journey through the Adriatic Sea. 

      Biograd boat show - Central Europe's in-water boat show 

      The Biograd Boat Show is a prestigious nautical fair held in the town of Biograd na Moru. This event, traditionally organized every year in October, represents a significant gathering in the world of yachting and shipbuilding. 

      During the fair, Biograd becomes a hub for yacht owners, sailing enthusiasts, shipbuilders, boat manufacturers, and other industry professionals and enthusiasts. The fair provides an opportunity to showcase the latest innovations, technologies, and designs in the nautical world, as well as to establish business contacts and agreements. 

      Does chartering a yacht in Biograd require a license? 

      Before embarking on your yacht journey from Biograd, make sure to acquaint yourself with the licensing requirements and explore the various rental options available to suit your needs. 

      To rent a yacht in Biograd or anywhere in Croatia, it's essential to hold a valid sailing license and a VHF radio certificate. However, if you're not a licensed sailor, Biograd offers a range of excellent charter options to choose from. 

      Are you looking to take command as your own captain with a bareboat charter? Or perhaps you prefer the ultimate relaxation experience with a crewed charter? In Biograd, you'll find options to cater to all your preferences. 

      Biograd na Moru

      Bareboat Charter 

      Bareboat charter service gives you the chance to take the helm of your sailing journey, allowing experienced sailors to navigate the seas independently without a hired crew. With bareboat charters, you have the freedom to tailor your itinerary, discover hidden coves, and embrace the natural splendor of the ocean. This option is perfect for adventurers seeking autonomy and excitement while sailing in stunning destinations in the Biograd area. 

      Skippered Charter 

      Skippered charter offers you the convenience of having a professional captain at the helm, ensuring a stress-free sailing experience while you relax and enjoy the journey. With a skippered charter, you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Biograd na Moru without the responsibilities of navigation. 

      Crewed Charter 

      Crewed charter provides you with the ultimate luxury sailing experience, with a professional crew onboard to attend to your every need, from navigation to hospitality. With a crewed charter, you can sit back and relax while the crew takes care of all the details, allowing you to fully enjoy the journey and the stunning surroundings. This option offers unparalleled comfort and service, making it perfect for those seeking a lavish and indulgent sailing vacation. 

      Additional services & add-ons 

      Croatia Yachting Charter provides a variety of supplementary services and personalized options to cater to all your needs. 

      Yacht provisioning: Indulge in gastronomic delights on your sailing adventure 

      Ensure your yacht is stocked with the finest local ingredients and your preferred food and beverages. Our yacht provisioning service guarantees your culinary desires are met, allowing you to fully enjoy the sea's beauty and the thrill of sailing. 

      Charter extras: Elevate your experience with tailored enhancements 

      Enhance your sailing experience with our wide range of charter enhancements. Whether you require additional equipment or personalized touches, we're here to accommodate your requests, ensuring your sailing adventure is tailored precisely to your preferences. 

      Water toys: Dive into excitement with our water sports gear 

      Experience an array of thrilling water activities and sports with water toys. From paddleboarding gear to diving equipment, we offer various options to enrich your enjoyment both in and on the water. 

      Charter packages: Discover tailored journeys for every occasion 

      Select from our thoughtfully curated charter packages and embark on the sailing journey of your dreams! Whether seeking a romantic retreat, a family getaway, or a beginner-friendly sailing course, our packages provide comprehensive and tailored experiences. 

      What's excluded from the price when chartering a yacht in Biograd?   

      When booking a sailboat charter with Croatia Yachting Charter, we ensure complete transparency regarding what's covered in the rate: 

      • Fuel: At the start of your journey, the fuel tank is topped up, and you're responsible for refueling the sailboat before returning it. The amount of fuel used varies depending on the type of sailboat and the duration of your voyage. 
      • Additional Costs: Optional add-ons such as skipper services, onboard meals, or water sports gear can be included in your charter for an extra charge. These enhancements are meant to elevate your experience and can be customized to your preferences. 
      • Marina Charges: The cost of docking at the home marina is included, but any extra fees incurred for docking at other marinas during your trip are typically not covered and should be factored into your budget. 

      What type of yacht to book in Biograd?    

      At our charter base in Biograd na Moru, we offer a diverse selection of boats, including sailboats, catamarans, power catamarans, and motor yachts. 

      Sailboat Rentals: Embark on a sailing adventure aboard our selection of sailboats. With favorable sailing conditions in Biograd na Moru, your journey promises to be delightful. 

      Catamaran Rentals: Experience the comfort and stability of a catamaran as you explore the waters around Biograd na Moru. Our catamaran charters offer a luxurious and relaxing way to discover the beauty of the Adriatic coastline. 

      Power Catamaran Rentals: Experience a maritime voyage aboard our power catamaran charters in Biograd na Moru. Offering an opportunity to discover this coastal town and its surroundings in style, our power catamaran charters ensure an unforgettable experience. 

      Motor Yacht Rentals: If you're drawn to the thrill of sailing, motor yachts are the ideal option for you. In Biograd na Moru, we offer a selection of motor yachts that will elevate your sailing experience.  

      Embark on a perfect sailing adventure in Biograd with Croatia Yachting 

      Booking a yacht in Biograd with Croatia Yachting ensures a seamless sailing experience in a prime nautical destination. Situated on the stunning Adriatic coast, Biograd is revered among sailing enthusiasts for its picturesque coastline and vibrant maritime culture. Hosting numerous regattas and boasting excellent nautical infrastructure, Biograd offers the perfect setting for a memorable sailing adventure. With Croatia Yachting, you can rest assured that every aspect of your sailing adventure is taken care of, ensuring a perfect journey on the seas. 

      What are the most popular marinas in Biograd na Moru?

      n Biograd na Moru, there are several popular marinas, including Marina Kornati, Marina Šangulin, and Marina Biograd. Each of these marinas offers different amenities and services for yacht owners, such as mooring, technical support, and hospitality facilities.

      What are the most popular sailing destinations near Biograd na Moru?

      Biograd na Moru is an ideal starting point for exploring nearby islands and national parks. Many sailing enthusiasts enjoy cruising to the Kornati archipelago, the islands of Pašman and Ugljan, as well as visiting the Krka and Paklenica national parks. 

      What are the best weather conditions for yachting in Biograd na Moru?

      The best weather conditions for yachting in Biograd na Moru are typically during spring, summer, and early autumn. During these periods, temperatures are pleasant, and winds are often favorable for sailing. However, it's important to monitor local weather forecasts and conditions to ensure safe navigation. 

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