Lat: 42.78934
Lng: 17.378

Located in the National Park of Mljet, on the north shore of the western end of the island Mljet, you will find a large bay named Polače. This is a very popular stop for yachts that are visiting the National Park. 

There are a number of restaurants on the south-east side of the bay that provide their own moorings free of charge if you decide to eat in one of them. The main anchorage site is to the west of the town itself. However, the winds tend to funnel into the bay from the east and north-east so the best position for anchoring is in the north side of the bay with a line taken ashore from the stern. This will keep you protected from the winds coming from the north east. In any case the anchor holding is very good in the muddy seabed at depths from 5 to 14 meters. The shore of the bay is completely covered with trees that are almost touching the sea, providing a unique atmosphere as well as good protection from the winds. An entrance fee for the national park is charged per each person when anchoring or mooring in this bay but there are some services included in this fee. 

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