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Best Instagram Locations for Photo Lovers

7. January, 2020

Best Instagram Locations for Photo Lovers Blog

Going through your Instagram feed, and you're amazed with all those breath-taking hidden places and stunning pictures? Take your camera and come with us along the Croatian coast and visit the most amazing Instagram locations. And yes, they're even more amazing in person.

SEA CAVE - PULA (Galebove stijene) - 44º51’40.51’’N, 13º48’20.10’’E

Sea Cave near Pula

 Let’s start from the North where the unknown “Sea cave” is situated. Even most locals don’t know about this natural phenomenon. Surrounded only with steep cliffs and crystal clear sea, you will fall in love instantly.

Find the Instagram Sea Cave in Stoja, just in the neighbourhood of Pula. Adrenalin lovers will enjoy jumping from cliffs, kayaking through the cave or even diving in the cave. We can only say pure nature untouched! Let’s head a bit to the south, to be exact in the central Dalmatia 


CAVE GOLUBINKA – Island Dugi otok - 44°03'37.8"N 14°59'07.9"E

On the southern side of the island Dugi otok, lies the cave Golubinka, west of the Brbinjšćica bay, where it is also best to nave the boat for quiet times. 

It is characterized by a long entry, through which it can be swim or very narrow boat, but it is a recommendation to go down to the bottom of the cave, swim, equipped with a diving mask. Thanks to the natural light that comes through the open ceiling at its far end, you expect a wealth of underwater fauna in the seemingly carved tunnel that opens into a lovely small hall at its end. Sail in the oasis of peace.

LAVANDER FIELDS – Island Hvar - 43°10′23″N 16°26′28″E (town Hvar)

Lavender fields of Hvar

 Oh yes, the famous island Hvar, by now known in the entire world for its undeniable beauty and historical sights.

We just can’t not to mention also the famous spot in old town Hvar:

But we would like to the take you a bit off the standard tourist route and give an inside in the hiddem gem of this island.

Take a safari tour and explore the hidden pearl and experience an indigenous harmony in lavender fields.

Did you know that a small village on Hvar which until recently had a population of just five people was once the centre of lavender production for all Dalmatia? Or that just 50 years ago, this fragrant island accounted for 8% of the world’s lavender production?

GOSPA OD PRIZIDNICE – Island Čiovo - 43°29'06.4"N 16°21'57.3"E

An isolated oasis of peace and beauty on island Čiovo is an must stop once you sail out of Marina Kaštela. Located on the southern side of Čiovo, almost on the cape you take a turn to right.  In the steep cliffs above the sea, almost a century ago the Church of Our Lady of Prizidnica was built.

All visitors to this sanctuary can enjoy the peace of its isolation and a bit mystical ambience. This historic location is unfairly unpublished in public, and the summer days ahead are an ideal occasion for a quick visit.

“VELA ŠPILJA” CAVE – Island Korčula - 42°58'14.1"N 16°43'06.3"E

Vela spilja on island of Korčula

 Located above the town of Vela Luka on the island Korčula it’s one of the most important archaeological prehistoric sites in Europe. But we won’t tell you here all he historical facts, once you arrive at this phenomenon you can easily find guides who will tell you all the interesting facts about this place.

We are enchanted by the beauty and the idea that you can make a one of a kind picture in this cave .




View of Dubrovnik.

In the end, we need to point out to Dubrovnik, the “pearl of Adriatic”

One of the most famous spots with spectacular panorama for a breath-taking picture is on the hill Srđ.

Take a relaxing drive from the town to the top of the hill with a cable car and you’’ arrive at an altitude with an unforgettable view of the old town and the wider area of a wonderfully beautiful landscape, the island of Lokrum, Lapad bay and the Elaphite islands. There is also a restaurant & bar for refreshments or even an unforgettable romantic dinner.

While in Dubrovnik, for all “Game of Thrones” fans don’t miss to walk all the spots seen in the HBO hit TV show in the old town of Dubrovnik.

Island Lokrum is a serene place to spend the day with plenty to see across the island, including peacocks, nude beaches, and a chance to sit on the Iron Throne for those Game of Throne fans, and it even has a well-known legend that involves being cursed by Benedictine monks. Because of its proximity to the coast, it is not really all that “secret,” but it sure seems that way after getting used to the overcrowded streets of Dubrovnik. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to stick around for the entire day!

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