Top 13 Celebrity Yachts owned by Famous Stars

Top 13 Celebrity Yachts owned by Famous Stars Blog

Join us as we reveal the decks of 13 of the most magnificent celebrity ships, each one a floating masterpiece in its own right. From sleek modern designs to vintage luxury cruisers, these boats serve as status symbols as well as windows into the elite world of celebrity pleasure.

13. Cristiano Ronaldo’s yacht “Azimut Grande 27”

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese footballer, and one of the best players in the world is a proud owner of the Azimut Grande 27, a sleek and elegant yacht that is roughly 88 feet (27 meters) long. 


Azimut Grande 27M - Azimut Grande 27 metri | Azimut Yachts

The Azimut Grande 27M is a remarkable example of Italian workmanship, with elegant lines and a modern design that emanates luxury. Its dark blue hull adds to its attractiveness, and its huge decks offer plenty of room for relaxation and enjoyment. 

The Azimut Grande 27M, which can accommodate up to 10 guests in five cabins, each with its own unique design, is both comfortable and stylish. 

The foredeck provides comfortable lounging, while the aft deck is ideal for outdoor dining. The sun terrace is a feature, offering panoramic views and a Jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation. 

The lavish interior built by Achille Salvagni has floor-to-ceiling windows in the main salon, which flood the area with light. The master suite is a private retreat with luxury amenities. 

Powered by twin MTU 16V 2000 M86 engines, it can reach a top speed of 28 knots while cruising comfortably at roughly 24 knots.


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12. David Beckham’s yacht “Seven”

David Beckham, a legendary English player turned global superstar, is known for his love of luxury and style, and his yacht "Seven" exemplifies his expensive tastes. The yacht, named after Beckham's jersey number during his Manchester United and England careers, represents his achievements on and off the field.


Discover David Beckham's SuperYacht Seven worth £5m - Netizens VN

David Beckham's yacht, "Seven," epitomizes luxury and personal significance. With a length of 93.5 feet (28.5 meters), it offers ample space for guests and activities, accommodating ten comfortably across five cabins. 

Powered by two 2,400 horsepower engines, "Seven" boasts impressive speeds of up to 30 knots, reflecting Beckham's penchant for sophistication and style. Valued at approximately $6.6 million (£5 million).

Crafted at the renowned Ferretti shipyard in Italy, "Seven" is not just a vessel; it's a statement of elegance and a cherished personal retreat for the Beckham family.


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11. Bono Vox’s yacht “Kingdom Come”

Bono Vox, known just as Bono, is the lead vocalist and primary lyricist for the Irish rock band U2. Aside from his music career, Bono is known for his charity efforts and advocacy. One of his most prominent items is his beautiful boat, Cyan. The Cyan is a magnificent vessel distinguished by its clean form and opulent amenities.


A Closer Look at U2 Frontman Bono's Yacht Cyan (

This yacht is approximately 140 feet long (42,672 meters), providing plenty of space for entertainment and relaxation on the wide seas. As for the price, luxury boats of this class may easily cost $11.5 million

Kingdom Come, previously known as Cyan, Diana II and then Nara, represents a rich history and exquisite evolution. 

Built-in 1997 by Codecasa, a renowned Italian shipbuilding business noted for its exquisite craftsmanship, the boat was completely refitted in 2005 before capturing the attention of Bono and his wife, Ali Hewson, in 2008.

They purchased the yacht for more than $11.5 million and customized it with bespoke improvements such as a custom stereo system and an outdoor theatre

Bono and his family sail the Mediterranean from their French villa, enjoying summers aboard the Kingdom Come, delighting in the epitome of luxury entertainment.


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10. Jeff Bezos’ yacht “Kora”

Jeff Bezos, Amazon's wealthy founder, is recognized for his ambitious initiatives on Earth and beyond. Among his numerous lavish items is his luxurious yacht, the "Kora." This vessel, named after his mother, exemplifies opulence and inventiveness. Kora, with a reputed price tag of over $500 million, is more than a yacht; it's a floating castle on the seas.


Jeff Bezos Yacht Koru • $500M Sailing Superyacht • Oceanco (

Jeff Bezos' yacht, Koru, is a magnificent example of contemporary superyacht design. Built by Oceanco and delivered in April 2023, this three-masted sailing boat measures 127 meters (417 feet).

Koru, a gorgeous vessel owned by Jeff Bezos, embodies a blend of luxury and cultural significance. With accommodations for up to 18 guests and a crew of roughly 36 individuals, it guarantees a luxurious sea experience. Inspired by Māori art, the name represents new life, growth, and peace. 

The yacht has lavish features, including a big swimming pool on the aft deck. Bezos, who is frequently seen aboard with his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in Palma de Mallorca, indulges in the height of maritime luxury. 

Kora, registered under Trident Maple CI Ltd in the Cayman Islands, is worth a remarkable $500 million, highlighting its standing as the pinnacle of elegance and refinement in the yachting industry.


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9. Shaquille O'Neal’s yacht “Shaqapulco”

Shaquille O’Neal, the former NBA player and now a famous DJ, owns a luxurious yacht affectionately named Shaqapulco

This custom superyacht is reported to have cost approximately $130 million and is designed to accommodate up to 24 guests, with a crew capacity that allows for a total of 40 people on board.


Shaq's Yacht: Shaq Yacht Cost & Inside Look (

The yacht has numerous amenities, including a main deck, a spa pool, a well-stocked bar with stools, and two hot tubs near the spa pool area. The spa pool's sliding glass canopy provides an open-air experience. 

Shaqapulco also features a major dining room and lounge room, both decorated with chandeliers and a piano for musical entertainment

For overnight stays or leisure, there are twin cabins and a stateroom, as well as a spa area with a sauna and excellent sea views.

Shaqapulco's interior design is minimalistic, with a black-and-white colour scheme that is ideal for business meetings. 

However, more casual areas of the yacht include splashes of brilliant hues, creating a pleasant and dynamic ambience.


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8. Michael Latifi’s yacht “Faith”

Michael Latifi is a Canadian-Iranian businessman who founded and is the CEO of Nidala (previously Sofina Foods Inc.), a significant Canadian food firm. He is also noted for his investments in a variety of fields, including technology and motorsports. 

"Faith" is a wonderful vessel with superb craftsmanship and design. It spans across the waters for an astounding length, around 97 meters (318 feet) long.


Inside Lawrence Stroll's $282 Million Superyacht 'Faith' (

Latifis's superyacht "Faith," was built by Feadship in 2017. It can accommodate 18 passengers and a 34-person crew, providing opulent comfort and exquisite service.

It was designed by Redman Whitely Dixon and Chahan Interior Design and features excellent furnishings as well as cutting-edge amenities such as a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, theatre, and water toys

"Faith" embodies opulence and sophistication, ensuring an unforgettable experience on the high seas.

A stunning glass-bottom swimming pool and space for a Bell 429 helicopter are among the notable features.

The height of marine luxury was precisely crafted by Feadship in 2017. Redman Whitely Dixon designed the elegant façade, which matches the luxurious interiors created by Chahan Interior Design. 

Faith, which was once owned by Lawrence Stroll, is a symbol of luxury, with an estimated value of $200 million and annual operational expenditures of around $20 million.

The yacht accommodates up to 18 guests in 9 luxurious staterooms and 34 staff members in impeccably appointed quarters, ensuring unrivalled luxury and service.

It has two MTU 16v 4000 horsepower engines and a top speed of 17 knots.


Take a look inside "Faith"


7. Tom Brady’s yacht “Viva la Vida”

Tom Brady, is widely recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Among his significant belongings is a beautiful yacht named "Viva La Vida." This elegant vessel has a length of approximately 77 feet (23,46 meters) and provides adequate area for fun and leisure on the open waters.


On Board Tom Brady’s $6 Million 77-Foot Ultra-Modern Family Yacht, Viva a Vida - autoevolution

The yacht is equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, and luxurious lounging areas. Sailing aboard Viva La Vida allows Brady to escape the pressures of professional football and indulge in the pleasures of life at sea.

Viva la Vida, a Wajer 77, is a symbol of luxury and functionality, an upgrade over Tom Brady's previous Wajer 55S. It is the peak of Wajer Yachts' artistry, priced at $6 million

It is designed for both spacious day cruising and compact superyacht experiences, and the owner will find it easy to operate.

The boat's name, "Viva la Vida", honours Tom Brady's ex-wife, Gisele Bündchen, and her environmental organization, which translates to "Live Life" in Portuguese. 

Viva la Vida boasts a striking exterior design with flowing lines and a clean profile, as well as painstakingly created interiors with high ceilings and flexible seating, providing a seamless blend of elegance and functionality.

Despite his divorce, Tom Brady retains both the yacht and its name and was recently photographed cruising through Miami with his daughter, Vivian Lake, aboard the Viva la Vida in May 2023.

tom brady 2.jpg

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6. Conor McGregor’s yacht “Lamborghini 63”

Conor McGregor is the Irish mixed martial artist and former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion. One of his treasured belongings is the Lamborghini 63 boat. The Lamborghini 63, named after the year the company was formed, is a sleek and beautiful vehicle that complements McGregor's larger-than-life personality. 


LAMBORGHINI Yacht • Conor McGregor $4M Superyacht (

The Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is a true masterpiece of nautical engineering, capturing the essence of Lamborghini's renowned elegance and performance. 

Drawing inspiration from the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 supercar, this yacht exemplifies Italian craftsmanship and automotive brilliance on the sea. 

Its performance is amazing, with dual MAN V12-2000 engines powering it to a top speed of 60 knots and a cruise speed of 40 knots, providing thrilling thrills on the wide sea. Despite its speed, the yacht's interior is superbly built, providing unrivalled comfort and luxury

Every aspect, from the fully functional kitchen to the huge bedroom and bathroom, is designed to provide its passengers with luxury

This yacht oozes exclusivity, matching its length and top speed, making ownership a privilege reserved for a select few.

Customized with Conor McGregor's personal touch, incorporating his brand's signature number 12, the yacht symbolises the owner's unique personality and taste. 

The Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is the pinnacle of nautical excellence for individuals seeking speed, luxury, and a distinct presence on the sea.   


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5. Alisher Usmanov’s yacht “Dilbar”

Alisher Usmanov, a Russian billionaire and industrial entrepreneur, is a proud owner of a magnificent yacht called "Dilbar," which is among the world's largest and most extravagant private yachts.


DILBAR Yacht • Alisher Usmanov $800M Superyacht (

Alisher Usmanov owns the "Dilbar" yacht, which marks the peak of marine elegance and engineering prowess. Built by Lürssen Yachts and delivered in 2016, Dilbar is one of the world's largest yachts, measuring 156 meters (511 feet)

It can accommodate 36 guests in 18 opulent staterooms and 84 crew members, ensuring a magnificent experience for everyone on board. 

Dilbar is unique in its grandeur and sophistication, having been designed by famous professionals such as Espen Oeino for the exterior and Andrew Winch Design for the inside. 

Its Wärtsilä diesel-electric engines allow it to travel at a comfortable 22.5 knots with a maximum speed of 26 knots, delivering fast and smooth journeys.

With facilities like the largest indoor pool ever constructed on a yacht and a helicopter pad, Dilbar is more than simply a vessel; it's a floating palace created for luxury and discovery. Its exceptional range of at least 6,000 nautical miles allows its guests to experience comfort and luxury across the seas, making it a genuine symbol of maritime luxury.


Take a look inside "Dilbar


4. Zlatan Ibrahimović’s yacht “Unknown”

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a Swedish footballer recognized for his extraordinary skills and larger-than-life personality, is also the proud owner of the beautiful yacht "Unknown." This magnificent vessel symbolizes Ibrahimovic's penchant for a lavish lifestyle away from the play. The boat, created with exceptional attention to detail, is around 115 feet long (35.05 meters) in length, providing plenty of space for pleasure and relaxation on the high seas.

This elegant vessel was crafted by the Italian shipyard Benetti and made its debut appearance at the Cannes Yachting Festival in 2022. The investment in this mega yacht is approximately $17 million


Inside Zlatan Ibrahimović's 34m superaycht Unknown (

Exterior Design: RWD, a British studio, skillfully completed the yacht's exterior design. It has a vertical bow, modern lines, and Benetti's distinctive Oasis Deck, which substitutes the traditional beach club with a tiered, open-air sun lounge. The yacht's silhouette features stylish silver trim that provides an automotive flair.

Interior Design: The New York-based duo Bonetti/Kozerski designed an interior that combines "understated" elegance with rich craftsmanship. The main and upper decks feature parquet flooring that matches the teak used on the façade. The warm tones of ribbed walnut wall panels match the porcelain-colored leather embellishments. The design emphasizes open-plan rooms that flow                                                                                                                                      effortlessly into the water.

Accommodation: The yacht can accommodate up to ten guests in five cabins, including the owner’s cabin on the main deck. Additionally, there’s room for a crew of seven in four crew cabins.

Oasis Deck: The strategically constructed Oasis Deck provides a one-of-a-kind waterfront lounge area. Unfolding gunwales on the main deck make room for sun loungers, and an integrated glass-edge infinity pool keeps the design clean while providing a prime site for sunbathing.

With its sophisticated silhouette and contemporary aesthetics, the Unknown yacht turns heads wherever it graces the open seas. Zlatan Ibrahimović’s choice of this vessel reflects both his love for luxury and his discerning taste in design 


Take a look inside "Unknown"


3. Rafael Nadal’s yacht “Great White”

Rafael Nadal, the Spanish tennis champion, is well-known for his extraordinary abilities on the court and his opulent lifestyle. One of his most prized belongings is his luxury yacht, Great White. This Sunreef 80 Power catamaran exemplifies Nadal's flair for refinement and pleasure. Great White is 24 meters (80 feet) long and provides enough area for relaxation and amusement.


Inside Rafael Nadal's Sunreef catamaran yacht (

It provides modern conveniences such as large cabins, a fully outfitted kitchen, and spacious sitting rooms to guarantee that its guests have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation. This luxury yacht cost a startling $6.2 million. 

There are numerous entertainment alternatives, including a lavishly decorated saloon with contemporary furnishings, an eight-seat dining area, and a lounge area with two 77-inch screens. Outside, the yacht has a full-beam alfresco dining area, a flybridge with sun loungers and a bar, a hydraulic swim platform, and a rear garage for water toys.

The yacht, which can accommodate up to 8 guests in 3 staterooms and a starboard owner's bedroom, is designed for comfort and luxury.

The yacht's luxurious interior, spanning approximately 4,000 square feet, includes a magnificent master suite with unusual amenities such as a flip-down ceiling TV and a private balcony. 

Powered by two 1,200 horsepower engines, the yacht can attain a high speed of 24 knots and cruise pleasantly at 14 knots, delivering a seamless marriage of performance and opulence on the broad seas.

Rafael Nadal’s Great White is not just a yacht; it’s a floating masterpiece that combines luxury, comfort, and performance on the high seas. 


Take a look inside "Great White"


2. Steven Spielberg’s yacht “Seven Seas”

Steven Spielberg, the celebrated filmmaker recognized for legendary works such as "Jaws," "Jurassic Park," and "Schindler's List," is also an enthusiastic collector of lavish assets, including his extravagant yacht, the Seven Seas. 


SEVEN SEAS Yacht • Steven Spielberg $250M Superyacht (

The Seven Seas, built in 2022, is 109 meters (358 feet) long. Seven Seas was built by the renowned Dutch shipyard Oceanco and exemplifies refinement and comfort on the high seas, costing $250 million

It is powered by MTU engines and has a maximum speed of 20 knots and a range of 5,000 nautical miles. The Seven Seas, named after Spielberg's seven children, is the epitome of luxury and indulgence at sea.

The Seven Seas is a tribute to luxury and elegance, with a magnificent external design by SINOT Yacht Architecture & Design that draws attention wherever it sails. 

Inside, the boat features sumptuous materials and expansive living rooms that combine modern aesthetics with timeless elegance. The master suite, which can accommodate up to 14 guests in 7 sumptuous cabins each intended for comfort and relaxation, stands out as a private oasis with panoramic views and luxurious facilities. 

The yacht's amenities cater to every indulgence, including a cutting-edge cinema room, a spa and wellness space with sauna and massage facilities, a swimming pool, and a helipad for easy arrival and departure.                                                                          


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1. Bill Gates’ yacht “Aqua”

Bill Gates is an American entrepreneur, software developer, philanthropist, and author. He co-founded Microsoft Corporation, the world's largest personal computer software corporation, alongside Paul Allen. The Aqua yacht is a marvel of modern engineering and elegance, measuring an astonishing 370 feet (112 meters) long. What distinguishes Aqua is its propulsion system, which runs on liquid hydrogen and has two hydrogen engines capable of producing 1,341 horsepower.


Inside AQUA: The 112m hydrogen-powered superyacht concept which emits only water | YachtCharterFleet

Aqua's eco-friendly strategy means it emits only water as exhaust, indicating its commitment to sustainability. Aqua has a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots, providing a comfortable ride with a range of 3,750 nautical miles. Inside, the boat has 7 suites that can sleep up to 14 people, including huge VIP cabins with ceilings up to 12.5 feet, radiating luxury at every step. 

Aqua is accompanied by a 31-person crew and offers exceptional amenities such as a bow observation room with panoramic ocean views, an upper deck movie theatre, a wellness centre with a hydro massage room and yoga space, a gym and beauty salon, and a luxurious swimming pool with a waterfall. 

An unusual spiral staircase that spans all five decks offers a unique perspective, allowing guests to see the interior of the hydrogen fuel tanks while moving around the vessel. Aqua represents the height of luxury, innovation, and sustainability in the world of superyachts, making it a truly exceptional work of design and engineering.

This vessel, with an estimated cost of over $650 million, stands as a testament to Gates' extravagant lifestyle.


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As we end this journey, let us remember the stunning views, opulent interiors, and attraction of the famous lifestyle. And who knows? Perhaps one day, we shall find ourselves sailing the seas aboard our slice of heaven, charting a path for adventure and indulgence alongside our favourite stars. Until then, may the wind be at your back and the seas be beneath your feet. Happy travels!

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Which celebrity has the best yacht?

It's subjective, but many people believe Alisher Usmanov, the owner of the yacht Dilbar, has one of the best yachts in the world. It is noted for its sumptuous features and astounding size, making it a popular choice for celebrities and billionaires alike.

What celebrity owns the most expensive yacht?

The most expensive boat is owned by Roman Abramovich, a Russian billionaire. It's named Eclipse and is expected to be worth roughly $1.5 billion, with opulent facilities and advanced security measures.

Who owns the nicest yacht in the world?

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates, owns "Azzam," the world's finest yacht. It is 590 feet (179,8 meters) in length and features luxurious facilities and cutting-edge design, setting a new standard for luxury at sea.

Why do billionares buy yachts?

Billionaires purchase boats for a variety of reasons, including status, luxury, and as a representation of their success and fortune. Yachts also provide seclusion, leisure, and the opportunity to entertain visitors in luxurious settings, functioning as floating status symbols and special getaways for the ultra-rich.

Does David Beckham own a yacht?

Yes, David Beckham owns a luxury yacht. It's a sleek vessel named 'Seven' which he acquired in 2019.

Who owns the biggest yacht ever?

Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and Emir of Abu Dhabi, owns the largest boat ever built. This yacht, named Azzam, is 590 feet (180 meters) long.

Who owns the strangest yacht?

The oddest yacht is owned by Russian millionaire Andrey Melnichenko. Named "A," this avant-garde vessel has a sleek, futuristic style unlike any other yacht on the waters.