25 Facts about Croatia which will immediately attract you

25 Facts about Croatia which will immediately attract you Blog

Prepare and discover Croatia’s story – the most interesting facts about the Crown of the Mediterranean Sea.

Croatia is located in the heart of the Mediterranean

Situated in the heart of Central Europe, with a great connection to the Mediterranean Sea, Croatia is a place which has a variety to offer. Known to many as one of the most popular European summer destinations, drawing people from all over the world for decades. The real highlight of Croatia lies in the enchanting Adriatic region along its coast. Stretching from Istria, the biggest peninsula in the Adriatic, to the city of Dubrovnik, this coastal paradise is renowned for its breathtaking beaches that stretch along the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, inviting visitors to come and explore. Get ready and discover the real facts about this small, but attractive country.

Fascinating insights into cities and regions

Come and discover some of the highlighted locations and facts about Croatian regions.

Fact 1: Home to the World’s Shortest Funicular

In Zagreb, there's a small but important funicular, like a small train, which is a practical way to reach the historic Upper Town and enjoy the city's sights. It's a significant part of Zagreb's transportation system and makes exploring the city easier and more interesting for everyone.


Fact 2: Transforming through time: From an ancient Roman palace to a stunning city

Split, the second-largest Croatian city, hides the remains of Diocletian's palace from the 4th century AD. The little city has developed, then expanded from the walls of the ancient palace into one of the most vibrant Croatian cities. This major travel harbour in Croatia is also a favoured destination for yacht charters, providing a variety of choices to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Fact 3: The Pearl of Adriatic

Dubrovnik, named the “Pearl of the Adriatic” by famous English poet Lord Byron, is a UNESCO-listed city renowned for its medieval charm and impressive walls. Take a walk along the old streets to find landmarks such as the Rector's Palace. Then, head to nearby islands like Lokrum or the pretty town of Cavtat. Don't forget to enjoy the amazing views from Mount Srđ or relax on the peaceful beaches of the Elaphiti Islands, which add to Dubrovnik's mix of history, beauty, and calm by the sea.


Fact 4: Over 2600 sunshine hours per year       

In Zadar, the sun shines for about 2640 hours each year, lighting up its ancient streets. Visitors can explore Roman and medieval sites by the Adriatic Sea. Modern attractions like the Sea Organ and Sun Salutation add to Zadar's charm, making it

Fact 5: The smallest city in the world – Hum

In the center of Istria lies Hum, known as the smallest town in the world. It is a charming place with old stone streets and buildings where only 52 people live.

Fact 6: Gladiator combats

The Pula Arena

In the seaside city of Pula stands an ancient marvel: the Pula Arena, where Roman gladiator fights once echoed through its stone walls. This remarkably preserved amphitheatre looks into the past, inviting visitors to imagine the spectacles that once unfolded within its grand arena.

Fact 7: The magnificent 1244 islands

Croatia is famous for its 1244 islands, offering endless opportunities for exploration and relaxation. Yachting enthusiasts flock to these pristine waters, sailing among the picturesque islands and discovering hidden coves along the way. With so many islands to explore, each with its unique charm, Croatia promises unforgettable adventures on the Adriatic Sea.


Dalmatian dog

Fact 8: The region’s special and precious – the Dalmatian dog breed

From the sunny shores of Dalmatia in Croatia comes the Dalmatian dog, famous for its spotted coat that everyone can recognize, especially from the famous Disney cartoon 101 Dalmatian. This friendly and graceful breed is loved by people all over the world. Whether playing on the beach or relaxing in the sun, the Dalmatian's cute personality and unique look make it a favourite pet for everyone.

Fact 9: Zagreb: the developing of a vibrant European metropolis where roughly a quarter of Croats live

Did you know that Zagreb, Croatia's capital, is a bustling metropolis where a quarter of the country's population resides? Despite Croatia's modest size, with just 4 million people, Zagreb draws in a significant number of its inhabitants. It's fascinating how this lively city stands out in such a small country, offering a vibrant slice of European life! Plus, it's well connected to other parts of Croatia, especially the coast.

Set sail through Croatian gastronomical journey - uncover some unique food facts

Take a look at some of the most delicious Croatian food. Prepare your taste buds!

Pag cheese

Fact 10: Pag cheese

Pag cheese, hailing from the Croatian island of Pag, is celebrated for its unique taste and crumbly texture. Made from the milk of the island's sheep, it captures the essence of the Adriatic, making it a culinary delight not to be missed. Pag cheese has earned international recognition for its exceptional quality, often ranking among the world's top cheeses. Its distinctive flavour profile and traditional production methods contribute to its esteemed status in the global culinary scene.

Fact 11: Istrian Truffles

Istrian truffles, renowned for their intense aroma and rich flavour, frequently earn high praise on international ranking lists of gourmet delicacies. With their earthy notes and culinary versatility, these prized fungi from the Istrian peninsula in Croatia consistently feature among the world's most sought-after truffle varieties.

Istrian Fuži with Truffle Sauce

Fact 12: The Emperor’s oil

Legend says that Julius Caesar’s favourite olive oil came from Istria. Today, the exceptional quality of Istrian olive oils continues to stand the test of time, preserving a legacy of excellence.

Fact 13: Ston's salty legacy: A 2,000-year tradition in Croatian Cuisine

Did you know that the tradition of salt production in Ston dates back over 2,000 years? It proves how significant this ancient method remains in Croatian food customs. The salt from Ston is prized for its purity and is considered one of the best in the world.

Fact 14: Diocletian's cabbage: A tale of emperor's humour

Emperor Diocletian, who lived in Split, Croatia, once joked about preferring gardening to rule. His funny reply, talking about showing his own-grown cabbage to other leaders, shows he liked simple life more than being powerful. This story tells us about the emperor’s simple personality and his enjoyment of gardening.

Meet the Croats: Discover a diverse cultural story

Meet Croatian people, you surely know some of them! Their inventions are among your everyday items.

Luka Modrić
Luka Modrić

Fact 15: Origins of today’s Croats

Croatian origins are like a fascinating puzzle with various theories. Some say they journeyed from the distant Eurasian steppes, while others suggest ties to neighbouring Slavic tribes or the ancient Illyrians of the Balkans. Recent genetic studies add another twist to the tale! Despite the mystery, Croatians proudly embrace their diverse heritage, shaped by countless encounters with different cultures throughout the ages.

Fact 16: Croatia is one of the most successful Football World Cup countries

Despite Croatia's relatively small population of 4 million, its football team has achieved remarkable success, securing three medals in the past 30 years. This makes Croatia one of the most successful countries in terms of the ratio of inhabitants to medals in the Football World Cup. Many famous football players came from Croatia, but none is more famous than the Ballon d'Or winner - Luka Modrić.

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

Fact 17: The birthplace of the mastermind behind modern electricity: Tesla's origins in Croatia

Smiljan, an attractive village nestled in the Croatian countryside, holds a remarkable claim to fame as the birthplace of Nikola Tesla, the pioneering inventor behind modern electricity. In this calm setting, among rolling hills and lush landscapes, Tesla's early years were shaped by the wonders of nature and his insatiable curiosity. Today, visitors can explore the Nikola Tesla Memorial Center in Smiljan.

Fact 18: Penkala, a famous everyday tool - pen

A famous Croatian creation is the penkala, a mechanical pencil invented by Slavoljub Eduard Penkala. These basic, yet important things show how Croatia has made a difference in everyday life, mixing style, and writing tools with a bit of Croatian creativity.

Fact 19: The Crime Scene Revolution

Ivan Vučetić, a Croatian-born forensic scientist, made a groundbreaking contribution to criminal investigations with his development of fingerprint identification. Born in Hvar in 1858, Vučetić's method revolutionized forensic science, providing a reliable way to identify individuals based on their unique fingerprints. His pioneering work continues to be instrumental in solving crimes worldwide, leaving a legacy in the field of criminal justice.

Fact 20: Skiing into success

Siblings Janica and Ivica Kostelić are famous for their incredible success in alpine skiing, winning multiple Olympic and World Championship titles. Their achievements have made them legends in the skiing world, inspiring many aspiring athletes with their talent and dedication. Janica's four Olympic gold medals and Ivica's numerous World Cup victories have solidified their place as some of Croatia's greatest sporting icons.

Fact 21: Tennis champions

Tennis stars like Goran Ivanišević, Marin Čilić, and Borna Ćorić have put Croatian tennis on the global map with their impressive performances. From Ivanišević's historic Wimbledon victory to Čilić's Grand Slam triumphs and Ćorić's rise in the ATP rankings, these athletes continue to inspire future generations of tennis players in Croatia and beyond. Also, in tennis history, Croatia proudly carries two Davis Cup victories.

Other remarkable facts about Croatia

In this part of the blog, you will find out some speculative facts about Croatia you perhaps didn't know.

Fact 22: Various dialects for a 4 million people country

In Croatia, you'll discover a fun twist in the way people talk depending on where you go. From the coast to the countryside, each place has its own cool slang and words that make the language exciting. With Croats using 27 different dialects, it's like a colorful patchwork of expressions, showing off the country's awesome diversity and culture.


Facts 23: First people who learned how to tie a tie

The tie, known as "kravata" in Croatian, has its roots in the country, adding a stylish touch to outfits worldwide.

Fact 24: Game of Thrones is located on the Throne of the Adriatic

Did you know? The stunning city of Dubrovnik in Croatia served as a filming location for the famous series Game of Thrones. Its ancient walls and picturesque streets provided the perfect backdrop for the fictional city of King's Landing. Fans of the show can visit Dubrovnik and explore the real-life settings of their favourite scenes, adding an extra layer of excitement to their trip.

Fact 25: Here we go again, to the island of Vis

The stunning island of Vis, Croatia, was where they filmed parts of "Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again." Its beautiful views and clear waters made it a perfect spot for the movie's romantic story. Now, fans can visit and see the same gorgeous scenery they fell in love with with the film, adding something special to their trip.

Sailing in Croatia

In summary, Croatia is a wonderful mix of old and new, where you can enjoy the feeling of history alongside the energetic life of today. From the interesting scenery of Zagreb to the beautiful Adriatic coast with its amazing beaches and old towns, Croatia offers a perfect combination of different cultures and traditions. The country's food, influenced by the Mediterranean and Central Europe, brings a tasty aspect to your experience. Whether you're checking out ancient Roman sites, tasting local dishes, or taking in the coastal views, Croatia invites you on a diverse and exciting adventure. For sailing enthusiasts, picture yourself sailing on the clear waters, discovering beautiful spots and ancient ports. In Croatia, each moment feels like creating a special story with the country's unique spirit and charm.

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