Fjord 41 XL: European Powerboat of 2021

Fjord 41 XL: European Powerboat of 2021 Blog

Outstanding. Stunning. Mind-blowing. Iconic. These are just some words used to describe the Fjord 41 XL. But that comes as no surprise, considering this beauty was named the European Powerboat of the Year last year.

This beauty was named the European Powerboat of the Year last year.

Regarded as the most important prize in the motorboat industry, this is no small claim. The Fjord 41 XL is the best in yachts of up to 14 meters, confirmed by an influential jury of test riders and editors-in-chief of the leading European motorboat magazines, including Båtmagasinet (Norway), BoatMag (Italy), BOOTE (Germany), Motorboot (Netherlands), MoteurBoat (France), Nautica y Yates (Spain), Neptune (France), Marina CH (Switzerland) and Yachtrevue (Austria). The creme de la creme of the motorboat world represents over one million monthly readers in Europe and beyond, making the European Powerboat Award the world’s most prestigious accolade in the motorboat market. Or, to help you understand even better, the ‘Oscar of the boat building industry.

Launched back in 2005, the carefully selected nominees are announced during the Cannes exhibition, while the public announcement of nominees takes place in the December issues of the nine participating magazines, which they also shout from the rooftops of all of their social media channels. But the meticulous selection process does not end there. After the nominees are announced, the jury meets again to vote on the final winners based on grueling criteria that pick apart the workmanship, safety, driving behavior, design, dimensions, and price-to-performance ratio. Whichever boat tallies the most points is named the best in its class and thus the European Powerboat of the Year.

The Fjord 41 XL took the European powerboat crown last year, albeit in a different form than the traditional and glamorous gala dinner. Hosted by the Delius Klasing publishing house, representatively hosted by Torsten Moench on behalf of all participating magazines, and in cooperation with the Düsseldorf Boot exhibition, the jury virtually awarded the winners at the Maritime Museum in Hamburg due to the pandemic circumstances at the time. Nonetheless, it was a well-deserved honor and further proof that the Fjord 41 XL is the best powerboat out there.

But what really makes the Fjord 41 XL so unique?

You’ll need to know a bit about the Fjord brand first.

Fjord was founded in Norway, which already confirms its prowess at sea, considering that motor boats have been built in the country since the 1950s. Hanse Yachts AG, one of the biggest manufacturers of seagoing and series-produced sailing and motor yachts, took the helm of Fjord back in 2005, bringing us to where we are today: “avant-garde pleasure boats without losing the core Fjord DNA.”

Mixing cutting-edge performance, exquisite design, innovative technology, and German engineering, the Hanse Group uses its expertise as one of the most modern European yacht shipyards to bring eye-catching motorboats to the water. And since they’ve been in business, Fjord vessels have turned the motorboat world upside down.

Fjord has long been known for its challenging styling.

The first model, Fjord 40, shook up industry standards with never-before-seen space, comfort, and practicality, which didn’t go unnoticed, as it was named the 'European Powerboat of the Year 2008' at its premiere at the Boot Show in Düsseldorf.

With Hanse Yachts AG being one of the largest production boatbuilders in the world, coupled with the artistic touch of renowned designer Patrick Banfield, Fjord boats continue to be nominated and have won multiple awards ever since, applauded in the powerboat world for their angular lines, steep stems, T-shaped roofs, and flat surfaces.

This brings us to why the Fjord 41 XL was named the European Powerboat of the Year.

And what better place to start than the details?

Fjord has long been known for its challenging styling, powerful visual impact, and intelligent comfort, all while ensuring it remains practical for boaters. And with performance and design as the DNA of all Fjord boats, Fjord Chief Designer Patrick Banfield has gone above and beyond with Fjord’s 41 XL model - so much so that it boasts a total of 90 different configurations! 

Fusing iconic powerboat design with usability, the Fjord 41 XL features the world's largest T-top with an electric bimini and standout sun protection that creates space for striking interior decor and deck design. The sizable deck space (with nine deck layouts) is a go-to for any sun worshippers in your group, while it also features the largest-in-class hull windows, promising endless rays of natural light to spotlight its one-of-a-kind design. Its ergonomic glass-bridge helm station looks great and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. And to guarantee seamless movement on deck? Promising the highest stability, its hull, superstructure, and helm complete the design-optimized interaction, with strong roof pillars included in the bulwarks. Did we mention that the standing headroom is well above 6´3 ft throughout the living area, too?

Furthermore, extensive design adjustments are also possible on the lower deck of the new Fjord 41 XL for the first time

With a dazzling range of materials and colors, the interior design is left for you to determine, giving you the tools to customize the boat of your dreams. With a wealth of layout options (remember when we said 90 different configurations?), the Fjord XL 41 is a masterpiece crafted by the creative hands of the boat owner. Want a tidy deck? Sorted. Designer furniture in the lounging area? Go for it. How about a fully-equipped galley? Sure! No ask is too small and no design too wild to be conceived.

Furthermore, extensive design adjustments are also possible on the lower deck of the new Fjord 41 XL for the first time! For example, you can choose a bright guest cabin with bay windows instead of a storage area or a full galley and second headboard. The main cabin can also be upgraded with a walk-in closet or work area - and the cabin can even be closed with a soundproof sliding door. But that’s not all - this door is recessed into the bulkhead to save space, allowing the main cabin to be completely blacked out when desired!

And for those interested in the mechanics? The standard model offers a double Volvo Penta 2020 D6 DPI diesel configuration of 340 hp each and is operated with a joystick. However, you can also choose the Volvo Penta D6 DPI 440 hp mechanics in each engine, reaching a maximum speed of 39 knots, or about 70 km/h. Feel like trying all this out? 

Whether you’re passionate about extreme navigation, a skipper that loves water sports, or someone who leisurely wants to kick back with family or friends, the Fjord 41 XL world is your oyster. No matter where you are, this Fjord will take you where you need to go, with style and comfort at the forefront of its sailing philosophy.

With this new model, Fjord goes one step further in the design concepts of avant-garde boats but also takes a leap into modular design in the deck area and the interior. Prioritizing hydrodynamic efficiency, stability, and comfortable navigation at different speed levels, this boat is exactly the outstanding, stunning, mind-blowing, and iconic vessel it has been praised to be in international media.

Fjord 41 XL is not only a brand-new member of the Fjord family and the 2021 European Powerboat of the Year, but is now available for charter with Croatia Yachting.

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