How Early Should I Book a Yacht Charter?

How Early Should I Book a Yacht Charter? Blog
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Book in time and explore the best swimming coves

What is interesting is that the moment you book your boat, it can say a lot about your personality. Are you the one who plans everything in advance and wants to have every detail under control? Don't worry; we have prepared for you all the information you need about early booking. Or are you one who lives in the moment and adapts to every situation? You are the "last-minute booking" team. For those who feel that they are somewhere in the middle, we know exactly when it is time for you to book your boat.

Below, you will find out everything you ever wanted to know about when you should book a boat.

When is the best time to book a yacht charter?

Booking a yacht charter is recommended 6–8 months in advance to secure the best selection of yachts and preferred dates. Early booking ensures availability and provides ample time for tailored arrangements. Planning ahead allows for a smoother and more enjoyable yachting experience.

Here's a table overview of booking periods within a normal charter season:

PERIOD What to expect



Large selection of boats

Easier to Plan

Stress-free Experience

Exclusive Discounts


Everything that is not Early Booking or Last Minute

Dynamic Offerings

Demand Affects Boat Availability


For charters one month or less before embarkation.
Starts in April

Limited Boat Availability

Significant Discounts

Expect the Unexpected

Now we will dig deeper into advantages of each period so you can decide how early should you book a yacht.

What are the advantages of early booking?

There are a number of reasons why it's important to book a yacht charter early, from being budget-friendly to vacation planning reasons:

  • A large selection of boats is available. By reserving a yacht well in advance, clients increase their chances of securing a boat that perfectly aligns with their preferences. Also, early booking is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to book the latest models on the market, such as Bali Catsmart, to secure them in time. If you know exactly what you want and don't agree to compromises when it comes to boats, you should book as soon as possible. 

Have you already picked the boat you want to sail on?

  • Cost effectively: Delaying your yacht charter booking until the last minute for your sailing or yachting holidays can result in higher costs and less availability of boats that would match the preferences of clients. Also, charter companies often incentivize proactive planning by offering better prices and exclusive discounts for those who secure their reservations ahead of time. Croatia Yachting currently has a discount of up to 30%. What a catch!
  • Enough time to explore the desired destinations: The longer the period from the moment of booking to the departure, the more time you will have to explore which places you want to visit, which coves to swim in, which restaurants to eat in, etc. Whatever destination you choose, sometimes you just need more time to study everything you want to know about it. 

The time you spend on your sailing holidays is priceless, and you should use every moment according to your wishes. That's why it's always worth it to do detailed research on a destination, and it's never too early to start.

  • Efficiency in year-round planning: By securing a yacht charter well in advance, you can organize your schedules with ease, minimizing last-minute stress and uncertainties. Planning your sailing holidays well in advance provides the perfect opportunity to meticulously organize every aspect of your holiday. If you are the type of person who wants to plan everything in detail in advance and you do not like too many surprises, you should definitely opt for early booking.
  • Specific requirements. For those seeking a tailor-made sailing experience, early booking of a yacht proves to be a strategic and rewarding choice. The advantage lies in securing specific features, amenities, or destinations that align with individual preferences. 

By reserving a yacht well in advance, enthusiasts can ensure they have the pick of the fleet, granting them the freedom to choose boats with unique characteristics or embark on journeys to exclusive and coveted destinations.

Last-minute yacht booking – For those who go with the flow

Embarking on a last-minute yacht charter, booked just one month or less before setting sail, adds an element of thrill and spontaneity to your maritime escapade, particularly in April. While this spontaneous approach might limit some choices, it opens the door to unexpected and delightful seafaring experiences. April's last-minute yacht charters provide a unique opportunity to embrace the joy of the unknown, creating a memorable adventure on the water with a touch of unplanned excitement.

What awaits you if you book at the last minute?

Last-minute yacht booking is recommended only to those who are flexible in planning, and it entails:

  • Limited boat availibility - Last-minute yacht charters, typically booked only a short time before embarkation, come with a caveat of limited boat availability, making them less advisable for those who have already secured a yacht for the upcoming season. However, for the flexible and spontaneous traveler, there is a silver lining: the prospect of finding a boat is still very much alive.
  • Discounts - Last-minute yacht bookings present a golden opportunity for thrifty travelers o enjoy significant discounts on their maritime adventures. Yacht charter companies often offer attractive deals on boats that have not been booked as the departure date approaches. This allows flexible and spontaneous individuals to capitalize on reduced prices and experience luxury yachting at a fraction of the cost. But keep in mind that the discounts are not worth much if none of the boats in the offer suit you.
  • The surprise factor- While not ideal for meticulous planners, the allure of spontaneity can make last-minute yacht charters an exciting option for those seeking a more flexible and impromptu maritime experience. You never know what to expect.
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Bali Catsmart

What is the middle ground when booking a yacht?

The period between early bookings and last-minute reservations constitutes a regular booking window for yachts, marked by dynamic offerings and swiftly changing availability. During this time, the yacht charter landscape experiences a constant ebb and flow, with demand influencing the availability of boats.

This regular booking phase caters to those who seek a balance between securing their preferred yacht and remaining open to potential discounts or specials that may arise.

When is the widest choice of yachts for booking?

If you want to have as many options as possible for booking a yacht, you should book a year in advance. It's very simple - the longer you wait, the smaller selection of yachts will be available. This should be especially observed if you have special requirements regarding equipment, design, crew or similar.

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Sailing holidays in Croatia

When to book a yacht for the best price?

Eight months in advance is the optimal time to book a yacht at the best price. That is not that much time when you know what you want. 


The timing of boat bookings is guided by personal preferences. While early booking is a popular choice, offering advantages in securing preferred options, last-minute bookings cater to those with spontaneous decisions. Regardless of the chosen time frame, the key is ensuring the yacht