Plan Your Perfect Sailing Route: North Dalmatia

Plan Your Perfect Sailing Route: North Dalmatia Blog

You have booked your 7-day yacht charter from Zadar, now it’s time to plan your route. Follow the breeze or let this sample itinerary guide you to some of our favourite sailing destinations in North Dalmatia.

Day 1: Zadar – Muline Bay

On the first day, we suggest a short sail, this allows plenty of time for check-in and familiarising yourself with the yacht. So, for a first stop we recommend Muline Bay on Ugljan island. Ugljan is the first in the Zadar Archipelago, separated from the mainland by the Zadar channel. Muline is a small village on the northern part of the island protected by a shallow bay. The port has a small jetty which has electricity and water supply; anchor or take a mooring buoy in the harbour. 

Note: this port is not good during N, W and NW winds.

Plan Your Perfect Sailing Route North Dalmatia - Dugi Otok.jpg
Dugi Otok is one of the longest islands on the Croatian coast. 

Day 2: Muline – Soline – Molat 

Today we sail for Soline, a village located on the north-western tip of Dugi Otok. Soline village was first mentioned in the 12th Century – making it one of the oldest villages on Dugi Otok. Spend the day anchored in the bay swimming and relaxing or visit the nearby sandy beach of Sakarun. In the afternoon we sail to Molat, a small island covered with shrub and pine forests. Molat has a population of around 250 people, so is perfect for those who love peace and nature. Molat also offers plenty of natural bays and coves to anchor in.

Day 3: Molat – Veli Iž

Island Iž is one of the lesser-known gems in Northern Dalmatia. Iž has been inhabited since prehistoric times and today it has a population of around 500 people in its two villages – Mali and Veli Iž. If the idea of simplicity, authenticity, nature and fewer crowds inspires you, then Iž is the perfect addition to your sailing itinerary. Veli Iž is located in the western part of the island; it has a handful of shops, bars and restaurants, and a small marina.

Plan Your Perfect Sailing Route North Dalmatia - Telascica2.jpg
Explore Telaščića Nature Park – edge of the Dugi Otok cliffs rise up to 161 m

Day 4: Veli Iž – Sali – Telašćica Nature Park

Sali is located on the north-eastern coast of Dugi Otok – which translates as 'long island', as it is one of the longest islands on the Croatian coast. Sali was first mentioned in records in the 10th Century and has a 1,000-year recorded history in fishing. Surrounding Sali, there are ancient olive groves with olive trees over 700 years old. Dock in the port and explore this cute town which is locked in time, and be sure to visit the famous Sali library near the port.

After lunch, we head to Telašćica Nature Park. Telaščića is the largest natural port in the Adriatic and along with 13 islands and islets, it was proclaimed a protected nature park. Explore the park – stand at the edge of the Dugi Otok cliffs (which rise up 161 m) for breath-taking views, and swim in the natural salt lake 'Mir' which has medicinal properties.            

Note: You will need to buy a ticket for the entrance to NP Telascica, buy online to save money.

Plan Your Perfect Sailing Route North Dalmatia - Kornati.jpg
National Park Kornati is consisting of 109 (mostly uninhabited) islands

Day 5: Telašćica – NP Kornati – Ravni Zakan

National Park Kornati is a gorgeous archipelago consisting of 109 (mostly uninhabited) islands, islets, reefs and rocks. About the Kornati, writer George Bernard Shaw said “On the last day of creation, God desired to crown his work, and thus created the Kornati islands out of tears, stars and breath” – a poetic and romantic description of this unique destination. The Kornati islands are a sailor’s paradise; use the wind funnelling through the islands for some excellent sailing, anchor in any of the numerous bays and spend the day swimming in the crystalline waters. Head to island Ravni Zakan in the Kornati to spend the night, anchor or moor on the jetty which has power and water. Dine at Konoba Zakan, renowned for its beautiful ambience and fresh seafood menu.

Note: a ticket is required for entrance to NP Kornati, buy online to save money.

Day 6: Ravni Zakan – Žut

Plan Your Perfect Sailing Route North Dalmatia - Marina Zut.jpg

We are not ready to leave the Kornati just yet. Žut is another island in the Kornati archipelago. The island is covered in olive groves, fig trees, vines and various Mediterranean shrubs and herbs. On the western part of island Žut there is ACI Marina Žut which has 120 berths, the island also has natural bays to anchor or moor. In the inlet of Golubovac there is another famous seafood restaurant 'Fešta' which offers fresh daily seafood in a traditional Konoba setting.

Day 7: Žut – Ždrelac – Zadar

Today we start making our way back to Zadar, with a stop at Ždrelac via the narrow strait (4 m deep and 14 m wide) between Ugljan and Pašman islands. Ždrelac is a small town on Pašman island known for its nature, sandy beaches, wine-growing, olive-growing, fishing and tourism. Note that all harbours are relatively shallow (2 – 2.5 m) or choose to moor or anchor. After lunch and your last afternoon swim, time to head back to our Zadar base.

Sailing note: the current in the strait can reach up to 4 knots and the bridge overhead has a clearance of only 16.5 m.

There is so much more to be said about each of these destinations but this is just to give you an idea of a Northern Dalmatia Sailing Itinerary. Peace, nature and authentic destinations are what awaits you on a Northern Dalmatia sailing itinerary. Contact our team at Croatia Yachting to learn more.

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