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Sailing on a Budget in Croatia

25. January, 2021

Sailing on a Budget in Croatia Blog

There is a large misconception that sailing is an expensive holiday but once all the costs are broken down or split between friends, it can be quite reasonable. You can check our blog Budgeting for your Sailing Holiday, to see expected costs. Today, we wanted to share some more tips to help you sail on a budget in Croatia.

Charter Costs: what, when, how, where

What, when, how and where you choose to charter can make a difference to the overall charter cost. There are several factors which affect your charter costs:

  • what type of yacht
  • which period you charter
  • when you book your charter (look out for early-bird discounts)
  • which region you book to charter and w
  • whether you bareboat or charter with crew.

For example, an older model sailing yacht is cheaper than newer models and catamarans, and motorboats are the most expensive. See our Budgeting for your Sailing Holiday for a further breakdown of costs or browse our yachts or last-minute deals section.

Choose bays over Marinas

Explore bays!

One of the easiest ways to save money on your sailing holiday is to anchor in bays versus spending every night in a marina. A marina costs an average of 60 – 90 per day (yachts up to 45 feet); whereas, anchoring throughout most of Croatia (not including protected Nature parks and bays with concessions) is free or mooring buoys can be less than half the price. Naturally, there will be times during your week of sailing when it is more convenient (or even necessary) to be in a marina. We advise that you plan to spend at least 1 – 2 nights in a marina – to explore, get provisions and allow for weather.

Pro tip: avoid spending the night in popular marinas like ACI Split, Brač and Hvar to save costs.

Shop and Cook like a Local

With fresh ingredients, it's easy to cook proper Dalmatian dishes!

Our yachts have all necessary kitchen appliances, utensils and crockery to prepare and serve fantastic meals aboard. If we are honest, as adamant sailors and lovers of the sea, we consider dining aboard one of the highlights of a sailing holiday. Anchored in a bay, dining alfresco while the sun sets… is there anything better? What do we mean by ‘shop and cook like a local’? Well, find the pleasure in perusing local markets, look for bargains, and eat simple meals. The heart of the Mediterranean diet is to eat fresh and simple meals, dominated by fish, salads, nuts and fruits. As with all things at sea, you will discover the joy of simple pleasures – like fresh watermelon for dessert or grilled fresh fish drizzled with local olive oil for dinner.

Pro tips: shop local markets, avoid marina supermarkets or shopping in remote destinations (prices can be double and options are limited in places like Mljet), you can buy a decent bottle of wine for up to 50 kunas (less than 10 euro).


Dine Out in Style (on a budget)

Just because you're on a budget, doesn't mean you can't eat out!

While we love cooking aboard, let’s not pretend that dining out isn’t also fun. Just because you’re on a budget, doesn’t mean you can’t dine out in style. If you have a local skipper, be sure to ask him for his top recommendations – locals always know where to find the best meals for cheap. If you are bareboat, check review sites or ask fellow sailors for recommendations.


Pro tips: lunch is normally cheaper than dinner when dining out, order a selection of dishes and share (portion sizes in konobas are usually generous), be sure to order peka one evening (minimum four persons), avoid dining in waterfront or main squares (these are always more expensive).

Entertainment is Easy at Sea

It's easy to have fun onboard a yacht! 

Whether sailing with family or friends, once you’ve chartered your yacht, there is very little else you need. Afternoons can be spent swimming, playing cards, sunbathing, reading a good book or exploring ashore. All of this costs nothing but will feel like everything. If you want more, there are plenty of excursions and activities for varying prices – from water parks for the kids (approx. 40 kuna for an hour), renting bikes (approx. 150 kuna for the day), walking the walls in Dubrovnik or doing a wine tasting. No matter what you decide to do (or not do), we guarantee that you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on anything – that’s the beauty of a sailing holiday.


Pro tip: check the list of extras like SUPs and other equipment, and if you want anything, book BEFORE you arrive to save time at check-in. A SUP can provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.


Hoist the Sails!

Use the power of wind! 

The last way to save money is to hoist the sails! Using the power of nature rather than the engine will save you money in fuel. Sailing is also its own means of entertainment. A day of sailing is a day well spent. We have watched people of all ages and from all walks of life be completely enthralled with a great day of sailing; nothing else needed – just the sun, sea, good wind and great friends.




A Sailing Holiday is for Everyone

We may be biased but we believe a sailing holiday is for everyone. Curious? Contact us to learn more and follow our blog for the latest news and tips for a yacht charter in Croatia.

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