Sealine Yachts: An Easy Pick for Sailing the Adriatic

Sealine Yachts: An Easy Pick for Sailing the Adriatic Blog

When choosing the best yacht brand for your next Adriatic adventure, it’s impossible to skip Sealine Yachts. A powerful and luxurious brand born from the prestigious German yacht manufacturer Hanse Yachts, Sealine mixes spontaneity and craftsmanship with expert engineering, inimitable design, and British tradition to showcase motor yachts that impact any sea they sail. 

What sets Sealine Yachts apart from the rest?

Sealine- iconic yacht brand 

Driven to make the impossible possible since 1970, Sealine Yachts are set apart from the rest thanks to their commodity and features, such as storage, seating and functionality on each model. But the design should also be noticed, exuding style and class in their spacious interiors and exteriors with a perfect balance of natural light, premium materials, and a foolproof composition of colors used. Some say that Sealine models emulate a floating designer suite - and we would agree.

But Sealine offers more than its uninterrupted panoramic windows, expansive skylights, and large hull windows that flood in natural light. Sealine provides more than its relentless ability to set new standards in space, from innovative lounging areas to retractable tables. Sealine brings more to the table than its undeniable way of combining functionality with world-class design. It’s an incredible performance yacht, too.

Sealine combines ultimate comfort and design with performance

Now that we’ve reeled you in on Sealine’s elegant design and abundance of space, we can’t forget to mention that these yachts impress with power and navigation. Sealine Yachts are praised for their performing hull, allowing drivers to maneuver them precisely and swiftly. The dynamic hull design also means they can master any wave with comfort and ease. And when you need to think on your feet to change the setting? The lavishly designed flybridge on the open-air deck can be accessed in no time. Alas, an effortless experience at sea.

So, which Sealine model is best for you?

Sealine Yachts have something for all tastes on the Adriatic Sea

Whether you’re looking for the perfect yacht for your next Croatian island-hopping holiday or one where you can comfortably dine outside as the sun sets in the distance, Sealine Yachts have something for all tastes on the Adriatic Sea. And they boast 12 incredible models to choose from. But how does one choose? Well, that’s where we come in - and two Sealine models are hard to pass up on your next Croatian yacht charter.

Sealine C335V - to feel like you’re on a larger yacht

First up, we can’t miss the Sealine C335V. Thoughtfully designed to give the impression of a larger 36-foot yacht, this standout model combines an elegant design with ergonomics and functionality. Its two 300 hp outboard engines reach up to 40 knots, while its two spacious sunbathing areas promise every member of your group plenty of time in the sun. Naturally-lit cabins offer ample space with the largest hull windows in its class, and thanks to an awning above the aft cockpit and sunroof in the saloon, this model is not limited to any weather conditions, either. If this motor yacht is the pick for you, our Sealine C335V "Stormi" can accommodate 4 + 1 guests in 2 cabins, with one toilet and shower on board.

Sealine F430 - for a pleasure ride

The Sealine F430 is exquisitely designed for outdoor living

And if you’re looking for the ultimate relaxation vessel? The Sealine F430 is made for pleasure, with all of the Sealine brand’s impressive features highlighted. It’s hard to find a more luxurious 43-footer, and its impressive 14m2 flybridge takes the cake on this model. Designed for you to enjoy entertaining outdoors, this yacht boasts an open-air grill and wet bar for those warm summer nights watching the crimson sunset. Its expansive hull windows bring the colors of the Adriatic into the interiors, which are decked out with luxurious leather furnishings and storage space, giving functionality and style a new meaning. From the bow to the bathing platform, the Sealine F430 is exquisitely designed for outdoor living. Our Sealine F430 "Grace II" can accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins, with two toilets and showers on board.

Whether you’re looking to sunbathe, swim, snorkel, cook up a storm, relax or celebrate unforgettable moments on the Adriatic, your summer is destined to be more special with Sealine Yachts. Both of these Sealine models can be found at our Marina Kaštela base and are available for charter this summer, making your cruise around the Central Dalmatian islands a dream yachting holiday you won’t soon forget.

Convinced yet? Book your next Croatian sailing charter on a Sealine motor yacht today!

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