Top 5 Boats for Couples: Ryck 280, Merry Fisher, Fjord 38, Hanse 315, Hanse 388

Top 5 Boats for Couples: Ryck 280, Merry Fisher, Fjord 38, Hanse 315, Hanse 388 Blog

Picture this - you and your significant other have booked a romantic getaway on the Adriatic. It will be the first holiday you’ve taken in a long time, due to the busy schedules you both have back home. And let’s be honest - you want to make sure you make the most of it. While you know a sailing trip is in your cards and you promise to spend as much time as possible seeing all that the Croatian coast offers, which boat will you choose to maximize your alone time?

This may not seem like a priority when planning your Croatian sailing holiday, especially when UNESCO-protected coastal towns, island hopping from secluded bays to hidden coves, and exploring the flavors of Dalmatian cuisine take precedence. But just like you would take time to carefully choose your holiday accommodation, you’ll need to do the same when deciding on the boat that’ll be whipping you around from one island hotspot to the next.

And our pointers on the top 5 boats for couples will certainly help.

RYCK 280

RYCK 280- stylish, fast and safe 

We all know that RYCK is the new, cool boat brand from Germany, which means it's obvious they’ll have one of the best boats for couples. Driven by a ‘stylish, fast, and safe’ philosophy, RYCK boats are not only easy to navigate, but they suit you, meaning they’ll suit you and your significant other. Enter the RYCK 280 - the 2021 Motorboat of the year in the elegance category. That sounds romantic, doesn’t it? Known as an ultimate all-rounder no matter which activities you’re after at sea, this boat is packed with innovative features which make it a go-to for couples, like its bathing platform equipped with a shower, ladder, and teak covering. And the uber cool T-top is decked out with spotlights, so the deck even illuminates at night! Fancy a nighttime dip? The easily converted cockpit is a winner, especially when you consider that the seating area in the stern can transform into a sun lounger in no time. If you’re looking to get to know each other better through various water activities, don’t fret - there is plenty of space for all of your gear. This spacious boat mixes versatility and luxury, promising a foolproof adventure at sea for you and your loved one. Ideal for a daily yacht charter in Split.

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Merry Fisher 895

merry fisher 895.jpg
Merry Fisher 895 -  the versatile, reassuring, and high-performance Merry Fisher 895

And what about the best boat for a couple’s trip? We can’t forget the versatile, reassuring, and high-performance Merry Fisher 895, with room for up to 6 guests (or three couples, in this case). This Jeanneau boat brand is already recognized for its well-equipped modular living spaces that are especially well suited to coastal cruising in groups. But the 895 model, in particular, is known for its remarkable volume, clearly seen thanks to its spacious head compartment, functional galley, and modular saloon and cockpit. In addition to the owner’s cabin, the side cabin is fit for two guests, while the saloon transforms into a double berth for another two. This boat must have been designed with your couple's trip in mind! But that’s enough about the space. Another one of its perks is the light-filled interiors which are thanks to large windows in the hull and a skylight. Guests can also seamlessly move on board with a flush floorboard between the interior and exterior. There are also multiple access points on board, while the driver can handle maneuvers at port or anchor, wide and secure, thanks to a side door. 

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Fjord 38.jpg
Known for Scandinavian design, Mediterranean flair, and German engineering embedded into its DNA

And now, the boat brand that does not break the rules but establishes them - Fjord. Known for Scandinavian design, Mediterranean flair, and German engineering embedded into its DNA, it's no surprise that the Fjord 38 is a showstopper for lovers traversing the Adriatic. And this model brings socializing on board to the next level. This upgraded floating sport cabriolet is perfect for hopping around the islands thanks to its U-shaped lounge atop the vertical bow. And guess what? This can also be converted into a sunbed! The iconic T-top has also been extended to offer the most sunshade of a yacht in this class, and that’s all thanks to the electric bimini. Pleasure and comfort extend into the lower deck, where the decked-out cabin features a king-sized bed, toilet, and fridge, decorated with premium materials. Bubbles in bed, anyone? Combining clean lines, cool, and glamor, the Fjord 38’s sporty helm also promises comfortable driving at high speeds. Maximizing your time outdoors has never been easier.

Pro tip: If, for some reason, you can’t hire the Fjord 38 on your next trip, don’t fret. The Fjord 41 is also one of the best boats out there for couples. This iconic powerboat offers a wealth of layout options (or a total of 90 different configurations, to be exact), making each boat a masterpiece tailored to the needs of you and your partner. Setting new standards at sea, the Fjord 41 features the world's largest T-top with an electric bimini for endless sun protection. But let’s not forget about its striking interior decor and deck design. It’s no wonder this beauty was named the European Powerboat of the year in 2021!

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Hanse 315

The smallest yacht made by the German company, it has not compromised on elegance and style

We know Hanse is all about breaking the rules and setting trends, which is precisely what they’ve done with their 315 model. While this may be the smallest yacht made by the German company, it has not compromised on elegance and style. Known as the ‘Pocket Rocket’ thanks to its sporty and innovative design, this 31-ft yacht was crafted by Judel/Vrolijk to ensure it was suitable for both performance sailing and couple’s trips. Most importantly, it's easy to sail thanks to the Hanse easy sail option with the main and jib sheet leading aft to the helm position. Its clean deck lines, large cockpit, and deep L shape keel are optimized for experienced sailors, though leisure lovers will run straight to its deck and natural light-filled interiors, offering a romantic setting no matter where you are on board. The Hanse 315 sleeps five guests in total in two private cabins, though the versatile layouts can work no matter the group you're in. A double steering wheel is also an option on the Hanse 315, in addition to the standard tiller steering. No wonder it was voted the European Yacht of the Year in 2016.

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Hanse 388

Perfect for sunseekers, this boat lets in more sunlight below deck than any other yacht in its class

And one of the best boats for couples to close out the list? The Hanse 388, of course! Perfect for sunseekers, this boat lets in more sunlight below deck than any other yacht in its class. The naturally-lit saloon is illuminated thanks to a record number of tempered glass portholes in the hull, on deck, and beside the companionway. The large decks and well-structured cockpit allows you to unwind in the sun while comfort and space come together to promise carefree and dynamic sailing. This cruiser also features a powerful rig and fast hull design crafted by the minds of Judel/Vrolijk, making sailing in any condition a breeze. Bringing relaxation to the next level, the Hanse 388 is innovative, comfortable, and generously designed to bring the sun’s rays to your next sailing adventure.

 With boats fit for all types of lovers, your next romantic sailing getaway awaits!

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