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Chartering a Catamaran: Is It the Right Choice?

With evolving nautical tourism there is an increasing demand for catamaran charter in Croatia.

When it comes to vacation at sea or sailing holiday, getting access to the most modern, high-quality catamarans does make a big difference. That’s how the trip goes from special to extra special. If you’re planning a trip with your loved ones and wondering whether experiencing a catamaran charter in Croatia is the right decision for you, you’re in the right place.

First Thing’s First

What is a Catamaran?

Catamaran is basically a boat with two hulls that are joined with a reinforced deck. If you are on a hunt for maximum space and comfort while sailing and relaxing on a charter yacht, you should give a catamaran some serious consideration. Catamarans offer an incredible amount of space on deck and in the communal areas as the saloon, galley and cockpit. All of these come with an amazing panoramic view of the surroundings. On a charter catamaran you will find at least 4 cabins in the two hulls in most cases and they usually come with on-suite heads. This provides you with a private space when you want to have some alone time while the rest of the catamaran amazes with numerous areas for socializing. Most of the charter catamarans even have a flybridge that is used for sailing and sunbathing and this just ads to the usable outside space. Of course, we should not leave out the forward deck or net that is certainly the favorite outdoor space on any catamaran.

Although the sailing principles are same for both catamarans and monohulls, catamaran is more stable and can also be faster.

Catamaran Charter Croatia Yachting

Advantages of catamarans:

  • They are more stabile
    When sailing, catamarans usually don’t lean more than 5 degrees while with a mohohull it can be close to 30 degrees. Keen sailors like the healing but it is not what everybody would enjoy. No healing certainly brings comfort and, needless to say, the fact that things are not falling off or over counters underway, which is an added bonus to multihull charter.

  • Expanding Cruising Grounds
    Because of the shallow draft of, you can anchor or cruise in regions few monohulls can even think of accessing.

  • Space, Space, and Space
    You get space for walking and sunbathing on deck, space for lounging in the saloon and cokpit, extra deck room on the flybridge, room for storage and sufficient room in the cabins. In short, you get the space, space and space with multihull Charter. On top of all, you can even think about traveling with 2 families, each staying in their own hull.

  • 360-Degrees View
    Most catamarans have 360-degree views from the cockpit as well as the saloon. You can easily see what’s happening or what’s going on while underway, or at anchor. You can really enjoy scenes at all times - it’s a great enhancement from the claustrophobic monohull saloon.

  • Catamarans Don’t Sink
    The rule of thumb for people who prefer catamarans is that if you have urgency at sea, then the best approach is to stay close to your catamaran. And if a catamaran is broken or flips in a very extreme case, the vessel will drift indefinitely. The reason is that most catamarans are built with closed-cell pvc foam that makes them float, irrespective of the situation.

  • Catamarans Are Pretty Fast
    When you consider the catamaran yacht charter, the important thing to know is that not every catamaran is created equal. Some are designed with comfort in mind and so may have additional headroom and additional living space and facilities. On the other side, those designed for speed; usually have less room merely as the hulls are usually sleeker to acquire more speed.
    However, either way, the speed far outweighs pace on a monohull - usually 20 to 30 percent faster in comparison to a monohull of the same size, depending on the wind angle.

  • Two Hulls Means 2 Engines
    Most catamarans come with two engines, one in each hull. If one engine fails, you can always use the other one to get to your destination so that eliminates one worry. Two engines also make maneuvering easy, letting one turn the catamaran almost on its own axis in tight places.

Tips for Sailing a Charter/Catamaran

  • Since a catamaran has a big surface area exposed to the wind and since it has low draft, the catamaran can easily drift while maneuvering. Therefore, you should perform your mooring as quick as possible, especially with the wind from the side.
  • At low speed it is much easier to maneuver using the two engines rather than the steering wheel since the surface area of the rudders is rather small. You should have the steering wheel heading straight and use the two engine throttles to turn the catamaran.
  • When you make a turn under sail, you should leave jour jib on the luff side while you are turning, to help you move the bow through the wind.

The Final Verdict

In the end, it all depends on your personal preferences and budget. Well, there’s no doubt that catamarans are more costly to rent or hire, but they are providing more value and comfort for the money in comparison to a monohull. They offer a safe sailing sensation and a luxury of space. Their communal indoor spaces are not isolated from what is happening outside so you can enjoy your surroundings while you are lounging in the saloon, preparing a meal in the galley or enjoying a glass of wine in the cockpit or on the flybridge. So, if you are looking for stability, comfort, space and speed for your ideal holiday at sea, then your perfect choice is a Catamaran charter without a doubt.

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