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      Zadar    Catamaran

      17 Catamarans for rent in Zadar

      Embark on a sailing journey in Zadar, where the beauty of the Adriatic meets a rich historical backdrop. Zadar is not just a destination; it's an experience, famed for its tranquil waters and the world's most beautiful sunsets as praised by Alfred Hitchcock.




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      Catamaran Charter Zadar & Catamaran Rental with Croatia Yachting

      As you navigate its pristine waters on a catamaran, the melodious Sea Organ and the vibrant Greeting to the Sun installation enhance your voyage, offering a blend of natural beauty and artistic wonder. Zadar's unique charm makes every charter a voyage through time and culture.

      Why Choose a Catamaran Rental in Zadar?

      Choosing a catamaran rental in Zadar is the perfect gateway to a sailing adventure in the north of the Dalmatia region of Croatia.

      opting for a catamaran rental in Zadar offers unparalleled stability, space, and luxury, ensuring a serene and comfortable sailing experience. The city's favorable Mediterranean climate, marked by gentle breezes and consistent sunshine, provides ideal conditions for smooth sailing and navigation.

      Embarking on a catamaran rental from Zadar opens up a world of unique coastal attractions and pristine island getaways. Discover the breathtaking Kornati Islands, a nautical paradise comprising over 140 islands, each offering its unique slice of untouched nature and serenity. The famed Saharun Beach on Dugi Otok, renowned for its crystal-clear waters and fine white sands, is just a sail away, providing the perfect backdrop for relaxation and water sports.

      Explore the hidden coves of Ugljan and Pašman, islands known for their lush landscapes and tranquil beaches, easily reachable by catamaran. Sail towards the historical city of Šibenik and experience its rich cultural heritage or anchor near the enchanting Telašćica Nature Park to witness nature's unspoiled beauty.

      Croatia Yachting catamaran Fleet in Zadar

      The Catamaran Fleet in Zadar offers a diverse range of options:

        • Price Range: The catamaran fleet in Zadar caters to a broad spectrum of budgets, offering rentals at an accessible rate from $1000, extending up to a premium bracket of €10000 per week. Pricing is influenced by factors such as the season, catamaran model, length of charter, and additional services requested. This flexible pricing structure ensures that whether you're seeking a cost-effective sailing experience or a luxurious sea voyage, there's a catamaran option tailored to your budget.

        • Length Range: The catamarans in Zadar vary significantly in size, ranging from cosy 10-meter models, perfect for intimate groups or couples, to more expansive 15-meter vessels that comfortably accommodate larger parties and families. This variety in length not only caters to different group sizes but also influences the type of sailing experience, from more nimble and intimate voyages to stable and spacious journeys ideal for an extended time at sea.

        • Brands & Models: The fleet comprises catamarans from industry-leading brands such as Bali, Lagoon, and Fountaine Pajot, a testament to the quality and performance of the vessels on offer. These manufacturers are renowned for their commitment to innovation, design excellence, and reliability, ensuring that every charter in Zadar is not just a trip but a top-tier sailing experience.

        • Fleet Age: Emphasizing the commitment to quality and modernity, the catamarans in Zadar are relatively new, with models available from the years 2007 to 2024. This recent range underscores the fleet's state-of-the-art features, up-to-date amenities, and adherence to the highest standards of safety and performance. Regular maintenance and inspections ensure that each catamaran is in prime condition, ready to sail the Adriatic with confidence.

        • Specifications: The catamarans boast an array of sought-after specifications and amenities, ensuring a comfortable and convenient sailing experience. Key features include air conditioning for a cool retreat from the sun, Wi-Fi connectivity to keep you connected even at sea, and autopilot systems for ease of navigation. These amenities, along with well-designed cabins and social spaces, ensure that time spent aboard is as enjoyable and relaxing as the time spent exploring the shores of Zadar.

        Charter Services Available in Zadar

        In the captivating city of Zadar, our catamaran charter services are tailored to suit every sailor's dream, offering a blend of independence, expert guidance, and luxury.

        Bareboat Rentals

        Navigate the seas with our Bareboat Charter service. Perfect for experienced sailors, this option gives you the helm to steer through the stunning landscapes of Zadar. Chart your unique course and immerse yourself in the Adriatic's beauty with complete autonomy.

        Skippered Adventures

        Embark on a seamless nautical experience with our Skippered Charter service. Enjoy the expertise of a professional skipper who knows Zadar's seascape inside out. Ideal for beginners or those looking to unwind, this option combines relaxation with the excitement of exploring hidden coastal gems.

        Crewed Voyages

        Indulge in unmatched luxury with our Crewed Charter service. This is more than a voyage; it's an all-inclusive sailing experience where every aspect of your journey is taken care of. From gourmet cuisine to customized routes, experience the Adriatic in the most luxurious way possible.

        Additional Services for Your Sailing Holidays in Zadar

        Elevate your catamaran charter experience in Zadar with our array of bespoke Charter Extras. These carefully curated services are designed to complement your nautical journey, ensuring every moment aboard is filled with luxury, excitement, and personalized touches.

        1. Yacht Provisioning: Delight in the rich flavors of the Adriatic with our Yacht Provisioning service. We provide an extensive selection of top-quality local and international cuisine, guaranteeing a gastronomic adventure as splendid as your sailing experience. Whether it's savoring fresh local produce or indulging in gourmet specialities, relish the culinary treasures of Croatia while enjoying the comfort and privacy of your catamaran.

        2. Water Toys: Transform your charter into an adrenaline-fueled adventure with our range of Water Toys. Dive into the translucent waters of Zadar with premium snorkelling gear, or surf the waves on our stand-up paddleboards. For thrill-seekers, we offer high-performance jet skis and water skis, promising endless entertainment and heart-pounding moments directly from your catamaran.

        3. Charter Packages: Our Charter Packages are meticulously designed to ensure a seamless and immersive sailing experience. These packages encompass a variety of services, including custom itinerary planning, exquisite onboard catering, and access to exclusive local events and destinations. Whether you're envisaging a romantic escape, a family holiday, or a corporate retreat, our Charter Packages are tailored to ensure every aspect of your voyage is impeccably arranged, allowing you to unwind and immerse yourself in the unparalleled splendor of Zadar and its surroundings.

        In Zadar, a city celebrated for its historical richness and maritime charm, these additional services are not just amenities; they are gateways to creating unforgettable memories on the Adriatic Sea.

        Where to Sail from Zadar?

        Embark on a captivating week-long sailing journey from Zadar, a voyage that takes you through the heart of the Adriatic's most enchanting landscapes and hidden gems. This meticulously planned itinerary promises a blend of serene natural beauty, quaint coastal towns, and mesmerizing marine parks:

        • Day 1: Zadar to Muline Bay, Ugljan: Set sail from the historic city of Zadar to Muline Bay on Ugljan Island. This peaceful bay is a haven of tranquillity, offering crystal-clear waters and a picturesque setting for a relaxing start to your journey.

        • Day 2: Muline Bay to Soline and Molat: Journey onwards to the serene Soline and the unspoiled island of Molat. Known for its lush landscapes and tranquil beaches, Molat is an ideal spot for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle and immerse themselves in nature's embrace.

        • Day 3: Molat to Veli Iž: Navigate to Veli Iž, a charming village on the island of Iž. Veli Iž enchants visitors with its traditional architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and the warm hospitality of its inhabitants.

        • Day 4: Veli Iž to Sali and Telašćica: Sail towards Sali, a picturesque fishing village, before exploring the natural wonders of Telašćica Nature Park. Telašćica's stunning cliffs, the serene salt lake Mir, and its lush forests offer a perfect backdrop for adventure and exploration.

        • Day 5: Telašćica to NP Kornati and Ravni Žakan: Enter the surreal beauty of the Kornati National Park, a nautical paradise comprising over 140 islands, each offering its own unique landscape and allure. Anchor at Ravni Žakan, an idyllic spot known for its crystal waters and peaceful ambience.

        • Day 6: Ravni Žakan to Žut: Set course for Žut, the second largest island in the Kornati archipelago. With its untouched nature, secluded coves, and pristine beaches, Žut is a haven for sailors and nature lovers alike.

        • Day 7: Žut to Ždrelac and back to Zadar: Conclude your journey by sailing through the Ždrelac passage, marvelling at the impressive bridge connecting Ugljan and Pašman. Return to Zadar, carrying with you a treasure trove of memories from a week spent in the embrace of the Adriatic's wonders.

        Explore this route and more on our Sailing Route from Zadar page, and immerse yourself in the beauty, culture, and tranquillity of the Adriatic Sea.

        How much does it cost to charter a catamaran in Zadar?

        The cost of chartering a catamaran in Zadar typically ranges from €1000 to €10000 per week. The pricing varies based on factors like the season, model, duration of the charter, and additional services. For detailed pricing, visit our Charter Prices page.

        What are the most popular destinations to visit while sailing from Zadar on a catamaran?

        Popular sailing destinations from Zadar include the Kornati Islands, Saharun Beach on Dugi Otok, the tranquil bays of Ugljan and Pašman, and the historic city of Šibenik. Discover more on our Sailing Route from Zadar page.

        What is the best time of year to charter a catamaran in Zadar?

        The best time for a catamaran charter in Zadar is from May to October, with the peak season in July and August. This period offers warm weather, stable winds, and lively coastal atmosphere. Learn more about the  best times to sail in Croatia.

        Do I need a boating license to charter a catamaran in Zadar?

        Yes, a valid boating license and a VHF certificate are required to charter a bareboat in Zadar. If you lack these qualifications, consider opting for a skippered or crewed charter for a worry-free sailing experience.

        What are the most popular destinations to visit while sailing from Zadar on a catamaran?

        While sailing from Zadar, popular destinations include the majestic Kornati Islands, the pristine Saharun Beach on Dugi Otok, the serene bays of Ugljan and Pašman, and the culturally-rich Šibenik. Discover these and more on our Sailing Route from Zadar page.

        What should I pack for a catamaran trip in Zadar?

        Pack light with casual clothing, swimwear, sun protection, a hat, comfortable deck shoes, and a light jacket for cooler evenings. Opt for soft luggage for easy storage on board. For more detailed advice on what to wear check out our blog.

        Are there any hidden fees or charges I should be aware of when chartering a catamaran in Zadar?

        We believe in complete transparency. All potential fees, including port fees, tourist taxes, and optional extras, are clearly communicated upfront. There are no hidden surprises, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free charter experience. For more information, visit our Charter Prices page.

        Is it possible to customize the itinerary of a catamaran charter in Zadar?

        Certainly! We excel in crafting personalized itineraries that align with your preferences and interests, ensuring your catamaran charter in Zadar is a truly unique experience.