Sailing Route From Zadar for 2024. Holidays

Sailing Route From Zadar for 2024. Holidays Sailing routes on Adriatic sea

The Zadar region is a paradise for sailing enthusiasts, offering an enchanting combination of natural beauty and rich maritime history.

With its secluded coves and many islands, the archipelago provides an idyllic setting for an unforgettable sailing experience. We bring you a 7-day sailing itinerary from Zadar that includes the most beautiful places available on this sailing route in Croatia.

Our recommended 7-day itinerary Sailing itinerary from Zadar:

  • Start from Zadar
  • 1st day Zadar - Muline bay
  • 2nd day Muline - Soline - Molat
  • 3rd day Molat - Veli Iž
  • 4th day Veli Iž - Sali - Telašćica
  • 5th day Telaščica - NP Kornati - Ravni Zakan
  • 6th day Ravni Žakan - Žut
  • 7th day Žut - Zdrelac* - Zadar
  • Finish in Zadar

*Only boats with mast height up to 16 meters. Others must take a route around the eastern cape of Pasman Island which is 10 Nm longer.

Below we will cover the main highlights and activities you can enjoy during each day of our recommended itinerary.

Slika 1_Island of Ugljan.jpg
Island of Ugljan

Day 1: Zadar – Muline Bay

On the first day of this sailing adventure, we set sail from Zadar city port towards Muline Bay.

Muline Bay is located on the northwest coast of the island of Ugljan and offers a great place to drop anchor and enjoy a peaceful day at sea. The shores of the bay are perfect for activities such as swimming and diving. The island of Ugljan is considered one of the most densely populated Croatian islands and is known for its olive groves and high-quality olive oil.

Slika 2_sunset ovet the Molat.jpg
Sunset over the little bay on the island of Molat 

Day 2: Muline bay – Soline - Molat

After a relaxing time in Muline Bay, sail to Soline, a small town on Dugi otok. The place got its name from the salt pans that were located in the bay, and the first mention of the placedates back to the 12th century. Spend the day exploring the cozy streets and trying the local food.

After that, head towards Molat, a small town with only about 200 inhabitants. Molat is known for its excellent conditions for diving. In addition to the interesting underwater living world, you can also find the remains of various boats.

Day 3: Molat -Veli Iž

After leaving the island of Molat, you should visit Veli Iž. Veli Iž has a preserved old core, and in the centre of the town is the restored church of St. Peter and Paul. This is a place of harmonious architecture, with several buildings in the Romanesque style. Spend the day walking the narrow, cobbled streets and enjoying the quiet of the small town.

Day 4: Veli Iž – Sali – Telašćica

Slika 4_Telaščica.jpg
Nature park Telaščica

Leaving the cultural richness of Veli Iž behind, chart your course toward the town of Sali. Upon arrival, sailors are greeted by colourful waterfront houses, a bustling harbour, and a promenade lined with cafes and restaurants. Sali is the place of a  thousand-year-old fishing tradition, confirmed by written documents from the 10th century.

Reserve the rest of the day to visit Telaščica, a nature park that entices with its untouched nature. Here are high cliffs, quiet bays, and the salty Lake Mir. Drop anchor in Telašćica Bay and take the opportunity to hike to breathtaking viewpoints. Enjoy the view of the steepest Adriatic cliffs, 161 meters, plunging into the blue sea.

Day 5: Telašćica – NP Kornati – Ravni Žakan

On the fifth day of your sailing, sail towards the beautiful Kornati National Park, known as the crown jewel of the Adriatic. This part of the navigation route abounds with 89 islands, islets, and rocks that create an impressive seascape. Also, there are about 330 kilometres of dry stone walls in Kornati, most of them on the largest island of Kornati.

Slika 5_Kornati.jpg
National park Kornati

Then head to Ravni Žakan, an uninhabited islet in the Kornati archipelago, and drop anchor to enjoy the silence of the Adriatic Sea. There are two konobas and two harbors there.

Day 6: Ravni Žakan – Žut

On the fifth day of your sailing trip, head to Žut, a beautiful island in the Kornati
archipelago. Spend the day swimming, diving, and enjoying the tranquillity of this untouched island. It also has a marina with everything you need, making it a convenient place to rest, stock up, and relax. There are no permanent settlements on this island covered with olives, figs, and vines. However, various fishermen, shepherds, and olive growers occasionally stay here during the year. "Žut" means yellow in the Croatian language, and the island got its name from the reddish rocks that turn yellow during sunset.

Slika 6_Žut.jpg
Island of Žut

Day 7: Žut -Ždrelac – Zadar

On the final day of our sailing route through the Zadar archipelago, drop the anchor in Ždrelac, a charming village situated on the island of Pašman. Ždrelac boasts a strategic position connecting the islands of Pašman and Ugljan. Ždrelac offers countless opportunities for running and cycling, various activities at sea and gastronomic enjoyment of organically grown food. For those who want a combination of sea air and greenery, there is a pine forest not far from the centre. Later, sail back to Zadar, the harbour you started from, and have a good time in one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia.

Sailing in Croatia

Embark on a sailing journey in Croatia from Zadar which is a perfect combination of sailing pleasure and exploration of natural beauty spots and cultural heritage. The Zadar region has many larger towns that are very interesting, but also a large number of small, uninhabited villages and bays that will leave you breathless. Swim in hidden coves, eat freshly caught fish and enjoy the silence of the sea.

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